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If you cared about the sport you a lock yourself in a room until you come up with something something that you can grill some kind of common ground clearly they're not into locking themselves in the role to try to get this done and that is straight talk wireless no contract no compromise all thirty MLB teams have closed their spring camps in Florida and Arizona this weekend over virus concerns while teams and players association engaging his bitter fight over had a split of revenue losses caused by the pandemic both sides agree that the players need three weeks of training before any season could start the Yankees and Mets would train in New York if there is alternately in agreement positive cases recorded nineteen in Florida have increased in recent days while the percentage of positive tests in New York City have dropped sharply Hey Mister baseball tune in tonight in MLB classic it's game one of twenty ten and L. D. S. between the Reds and Phillies it's presented by progressive insurance coverage begins at eight eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app but many friends the second the thanks stretch called horse radio network is the law one an altered Belmont Stakes claim in the first race of a reconfigured Triple Crown the three year old colt from upstate New York charged to the lead turning to the front stretch and now can set sights on September fifth Kentucky Derby and then perhaps the October third Preakness Belmont usually the Capper of the Triple Crown was at the front side of it as it was initially scheduled June six the horse trained by Barclay Tagg and written by Manny Franco won by four lanes doctor post second followed by Max player the jockey and trainer on NBC sports seventeen years after funny side you got this incredible forces the log truly look like a man amongst boys what is this course Mincio just everything you know it's a I'm just glad I live long enough to yeah I got another list like this you said you had said before that you didn't think that you are at a stage in your career where you would have any first first Belmont Stakes victory yeah I would before I gave it a good diet or something like right that was good to get it I just described the team that you put together here Sackets over stable is the lock and Manny Franco his first Belmont right first Belmont victory just talk about the entire team as a whole well Jackson Hole changed the subject says the project is that the internet is just brilliant added twenty just wonderful people always nice people he does a great job with them and that was a pleasure it's a real pleasure to work for him okay the real question I was very confident when when he when we did today eight seven eight full it was so crying very last to me you are so conte will never never get clean so I didn't know what the date of the twenty he seems like he was very relaxed before the race and rated very well relaxed very well within the race what do you expect going on to the Kentucky Derby man I got I got the heart for the race I'm very happy with the opportunity that they own a job job what time he's given me on the train and I'm going to Barkley I'm in good hands they they know why they do it on the holidays really good so so this is your first Belmont and your first classic win a lot of us feel nervous I can remember mine were you a little bit nervous when you went into the game I don't I'm not lying to you Alan of baseball at the same time I lost confidence because I know what I have on there me and like I say I'm in good hands with Barkley a five week days we funny side so I'm in good hands it is the law the first New York bred a horse to win the Belmont since forester in eighteen eighty two the Belmont Stakes unlike any of a hundred and fifty one that preceded it the Long Island track and pack a hundred thousand but this race only had about a hundred on hand here's a look back at the history of what's always been the Triple Crown Capper here's Tom Rinaldi difficult the Belmont Stakes would already be run the purple crown already completed by now a year so a typical this Belmont is just completely upside down at the moment no one could ever imagine a Triple Crown campaign that looks like this I think we're just off happy to be back to racing horses in New York most importantly and I'm thrilled to be part of the Triple Crown the Triple Crown run over five weeks this year's Belmont will be the first one across four months instead of it being the longest race in the series a mile and a half it will be the shorts at a mile and a in the different date to the Alta Vista the challenge is to be exact six hundred under the circumstances I would have no other option is to shorten rates the way out of a parking a mile and a half oval any other distance in a mildly would have probably been on for my horse has around since February first so he's coming off of a four and a half long break which is not by design it's not what you called for the respect is this your favorite is the war four five career starts leads the field and forced several may not have gotten this change in a more traditional Triple Crown schedule in our case with.

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