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This is not about Rx wide receiver, coach is not about that situation I don't condone anything he is accused of is supportive urban Meyer head. Football coach at one here That's Jeff hams with ABC six who got the, rally together but. Scott Grady with our sister station one zero five seven the zone, he's, nicknamed the Buckeye hater than he told ABC six this rally might be a little premature if you're going to do a rally let's wait until he's. Been cleared of all wrongdoing, also last. Night organizers announced that they've gathered. About thirty thousand signatures. On a petition asking Ohio State to retain an urban Meyer as head coach Brigades star witness and former Trump campaign manager. Paul Manafort trial is expected back on the stand today manafort's on trial for falsifying tax returns as well as failing to report millions of income a gates having. Pleaded guilty to conspiracy. And lying to federal authorities is now testifying against. His former boss ABC's Linda Lopez is following the trial trials criminal case has nothing to do. With either man's work for the Trump campaign and there's been no discussion during the trial about whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia but, Rick gates is regarded as. A crucial witness for the government ever since he pleaded guilty, to those, two felony charges and agreed to cooperate, and, special, counsel Robert. Muller's Russia investigation the biggest wildfire in California history keeps. Getting bigger the monstrous monstrous Mendocino complex. Fire scorched more than four hundred forty. Square miles in northern California the car fire near. Ready gets burn more than one hundred sixty four thousand acres in that one's left, seven people dead nascar's top executive taking a leave of absence After he was arrested for driving under the influence and possessing a controlled substance Brian France allegedly wrote through stop signs. Sunday in the Long Island village of sag harbor I. Kid Stephen stay connected to Columbus etc high on the hour thirty minutes past and as. News breaks, showers and storms this afternoon with a high of eighty six right now it's seventy three did. You know that there's a hidden time bomb. In your portfolio it's they're.

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