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Hi laurin. Hello. Thanks for joining us today. It's wonderful to be here. Thanks for having me worse. Let's get into it since we're talking about why people deliberately text and lower case. Basically like why you have you make the choice to fight auto, correct? Because you want it to be in all lower case, if we could start I guess talking just a little bit about what makes text messages or tweets different than other forms of written communication. So an interesting thing about texting and tweeting is that it's an informal way of writing language down. So it's different from other forms, like letters or contracts receipts even Email in some cases, because those are a former way of writing. So there are conventions. There's an introductory. We live. We have to put a comma you have to put the date in a specific place. You have to use a certain form of language that people generally perceive as very formal. And if you don't use the formal language it gives maybe the wrong impression. So if used very casual language, if you slang in a letter or a formal message written at written down, then it isn't seen as proper, and we're taught that in schools elementary school and many of us have been learning this for years and years, but when you get to text messaging or tweeting there aren't really rules for that that we've been taught they are more informal. They are quick they are intended to be more like those quickly written notes that you passed your friends in class or a quick note to yourself a reminder of something that's interesting that you might not have specified formal way of writing these things down. And so without those constraints of the structure. Being very formal than we have room to play and people can express themselves in a certain style in using different means of language that can show they're a little bit different from everybody else. They have their own way of writing just as we have our own way of speaking to each other. You know, when you're speaking language, we can be informal situations and informal situations as well. So a formal situation might be something like a podcast interview or a job interview or a public lecture where you're expected to use a certain kind of language, but when you're speaking to your friends when you're out at a bar when you're talking on the phone, maybe to your close family, you can use a more informal language at a little bit more of your style your own personal way of speaking can come out. So that's what text messaging and to some extent for some people tweets with different forms of so-called non-standard written language like lower case letter. Removing.

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