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I'm come out to the issue on October the thirty first no ifs or buts right and then the top job chancellor such avid former business secretary and most recently home secretary because he had his eye on this job for a while yes in fact I would guess the probably when he entered politics this this was the job he was aiming for. I've got into all EXP- because I love my country and I want to get people more opportunities more opportunities than I had because he is an ex banker <hes> you know high rolling figure in finance <hes> and he's he's allies have been saying there is no one in parliament. Learning government knows as much about money in the economy as him. I I think that's a bit has been but he was very successful in his career <hes> on in the city and in a way his leadership bid was in some ways a job application to be chancellor. He's job so he's appointment is fascinating because he's the one person who bucks that trend that I've been describing you can't say this is that taught Javed's point proves that it's the vote leave cabinet. He's the exception to the rule in the sense that he was a remain a- and he was somebody around that table who did side in the trees may era with Philip Hammond and others in advising against new deal. My reading of that is is that he is so keen to be chancellor that he has made his peace with no deal because that was the price of the job. He's a bit like Amber Rodman situation. These are people who have absolutely sold out their principles for the sake of the job and I think he wouldn't have done it Sanjay Javid if it was any other job than being chancellor. How do you think that he's going to manage the purse strings and deliver on some of the pledges that Boris Johnson has made I am? I am announcing now on the steps of dining street that we will fix the crisis in social cow once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared twenty new hospital upgrades. I'm going to get in with an twenty thousand police on the street side. We start recruiting forthwith well. It's difficult because Boris Johnson just was spraying money around to as Boris Johnson. He was spending money out the wool. Sixty million pounds is always beans. Use Johnson is in the he's in a different context not a phrase I would use myself but he was promising huge spends. I mean recruiting twenty thousand police officers doesn't come cheap and the money sums really don't add up and somebody somebody like such avid who in the old thatcherite languages fiscally dry you know he was an Austrian believer in austerity and believes in tight money in small state he will have to go against those instincts as well as instincts on brexit because Dell's this is just releasing the cash Boris Johnson once that because he knows that there are a whole parts of the country the will not vote phase party unless there is an all-star too and he likes being the sunshine candidate and he's instructions to chance John's who were very clear with you spend spend spend as the cabinet released really good fodder and I'm sure we could chew over it for days but it'd be good just to talk about a few of a few more of the rolls particularly g-o-v because he's been given this role chance of the Duchy of Lancaster. He wasn't given the role of First Secretary of state. Do you think he's feeling a bit hard to buy. Probably actually he might be smarter that although he'll be thinking lucky sankt the interesting thing about the job is that he will be obviously the Dutch of Lancaster is a sort of honorific title it is to be sitting in the Cabinet Office as the Prime Minister's enforcer and there is an interesting recognition by Boris Johnson of his own limitations because he isn't a detail man and by common consent again not a left-right thing. This isn't an approving disapproving thing the people in Whitehall dear God my who gave as a very capable minister he is somebody who knows how to use the old machine which is exactly why Boris Johnson's put him in that job he wants his writ is to run through Whitehall. He wants go to be able to patrol around Whitehall chasing out particularly no deal preparations the other appointment that I thought was interesting was that of Jacob rees-mogg newly promoted by Boris Johnson to be leader the House of Commons. We have rarely seen a government quite radically as this. I think the prime minister was very clear early on that. He needed a simply because he goes to this point along with Esther McVey actually and Pretty Patel totemic democ faces the largest associated in the Tory tribe and maybe even in the wider public with Brexit and so if you've got rees-mogg vouching for you then you have you know question of your brexit credentials. It's GonNa make it much hard for example for Nigel Sarraj attack. This government is being insufficiently brexit he because he loves re smoke and rees-mogg. He's actually serving this government. He also just very practically who now will coordinate a backbench rebellion against Boris Johnson's government from the right you know he's actually brought in the very people who could have given him trouble. Re smoke was there as chair of the Urban Research Group that backbench Brexit Group. He's now inside the tent rather than outside has he then just reformed vote leave and is GonNa be effective. Campaign team actually going to translate into ineffective government. Maybe not and that's because running a campaign is very hey different from running. A government with the question is is this setup to run an efficient smooth-running administration from now till the sheduled next election in twenty twenty two the answer's probably no if however Boris Johnson isn't planning game and he's building a campaign team for an early election then he's got what he wants and it probably looks good and it was it was actually range of appointments which made a whole lot of people me included think uh so an early election is on because what you've got here is not a team to get he to make the trains run on time. This is not efficient government team. Really you know you've got Michael gave to do ninety nine days of preparation for new deal but overall it doesn't feel like a long term administration of steady solidly totally efficient people. He fired all of those types. How could all of this play out? What are the possible options for Brexit and for the country now so this very scenarios that people gave me a one is that this is the call circle? Lipstick on a pig scenario. which is you take the horrible deal of <hes> Theresa? May that's the pig in this analogy and you put some lipstick on it you add with the connivance of Brussels. They have to agree to this a little bit of cosmetic improvement. You know a few words here and there the enables Boris Johnson with a straight face to go back to parliament say I've got a whole brand new deal vail. No it is still the same pig re smoke will note is but this time they'll somebody new charms in this pig that they didn't see before I know they for it and it will go through Emily Ogden charming pay so that's that's one scenario and he's he's t that up quite well are areas that he can't get it and therefore he has to exit without a deal then parliament block there he has a majority authority to and if the win this election in Brecon radnor next week it goes down to one he talked get new deal through the goal quit squad David Gawk and Phil Phillip Hammond and all these people sacked even Jeremy Hunt you could imagine we'll vote against it vote against new deal <hes> and therefore he's blocked and therefore does he do then he has to he has to then go to the country in an election in an early election and says to the country. I wanted to leave you sore. I did Parliament Parliament automated booking me. You've got to give me a new parliament now. There was a time when people thought he would wait for the October thirty first coming gave for that to happen. I don't think he would do that rather he would go for and I would put this at least in Pencil in your dire in your calendar. There are a few people including in the opposition who think October twenty fourth could be the election day because it's a week before the deadline of October thirty first when we have to leave and what he could <hes> in lieu and what I could do you could make the whole focus of that campaign. Give me the parliament that will enable me to honour the referendum and leave in a week's time so that literally election you parliament he he gets majority and they voted through matter of days before the October thirty first deadline now. There are people who think that will happen. I on my hunch is that he would rather not do that because that is to make an ex general election a referendum on new deal and that's a hard that could be Hartselle dream scenario is he is that lipstick on the pig one against the deal through he's in the managed on Brexit he immediately e e switches gear to campaigning as the Manu delivered breaks it today on the stage with me. We have the I just over one hundred of our prospective parliamentary candidates people who will take the BREXIT party message out to the next general election. Give.

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Boris Johnson, Chancellor, Brexit discussed on Today in Focus

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