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Something I would almost say maybe on a really good day when I was hyper articulate but still still within the range of something I might say then it can stay then it belongs there then it's GonNa be it's GonNa flow in your ear and a thing that is said to me. Sometimes deals very validating is oh you talk to you Dr Psyche Right there and I think that's good then then I wasn't false and I didn't like you know flower right up too much and and try to sound smarter than I am and I think the mistake that gets made with that is that people think that means it's easier but it's actually harder her way way right yeah because you gotta find some flow. Do you have like certain practices like You keep a journal with you all like Oh. I'm in the Carpool Pool. Lane and Judy said the craziest thing to me and I'm you write it down so I do voice memos on my phone which is easier for me but now I used to write in a journal. Here's a crazy thing I had a journal that I was reading in for like seven years. I cannot find and I have two teenage daughters like where's the Journal who's reading the Journal. There is some shit in that journal should not be read by my children because they don't have the capacity to understand it. I mean they will someday they read when they have Joan and more than welcome to read it. They'd laugh all day long right now. They'd be so sensitive and so yeah. I don't know where the journalists it's Blue Royal Blue Leather pebbled journal if anyone it has it out their back. This is weighing on me just a little bit yeah but now I don't have any superstrong processes a thing. I guess the only thing I'd say is I listen differently. I'm listening really carefully not only my listening to what stories you're telling me but I'm I'm also listening to your response to me so if I'm in a room with some women at a cocktail party or having coffee or whatever and I say something and then people start to crowd around. There's like a big reaction. I definitely take note of that like I know it's resonating. I already know it's resonating before I put it on the page because I've touched it publicly collision center. It's almost like a stand up comedian like working out there yeah well. It's more spontaneous than that. It's like it's just something to note. It's not it's not right like I go in thinking. I'm going to try that. I'm going to tell that story about my grandmother and see how see how they respond to it. It's more like like I started telling you stories about. You know like I'll come home and say dad would like so interesting as telling a story about my grandmother and like Alison like room got really quiet and everybody's listening to me and I thought Oh my God. I guess that's like a thing I guess people would really want to think about that yeah. It's like it's like that yeah. I think we did it right. How do you feel good yeah hot and I know we're off so it's getting warm in here? Pack thank you. You're so it was really fantastic. You absolutely delight me. I am go back and read all your other books yeah about that. Little only take two hours pretty slow reader. Thank you for having me yeah of course if you're digging on Kelly easiest way to connect with you Kelly Gorgan Dot Com instagram instagram just Kelly core and are. Are you doing any public events where people WANNA come in connect with you know not right now all right well. Tell me more of bookstores everywhere all right unqoute. Thanks this. I gotTa tell you quite taken by Kelly. I don't know how you guys I feel but I suspect you share my feelings. Let her know how this one landed by sharing your thoughts with her directly. You can find her on twitter at Ed. Corrigan Kelly also don't forget to pick up a copy of her new book. Tell me more not that new but it's been out for a little bit but it's still kind of knew her latest book. Tell me more check out her Ted Talk. I'll put links.

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