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Part of it is players not fitting system and the system dean an older system that you've been asked to your your basically it'd be like baseball if you said okay we're going to go back to the way we played in the '60s in as much as i think the fans might enjoy that the players are going to go find bonds i'm not going to make any more money you know you're going to get that kind of attitude so you either have to force them into it or you have to get guys who are somalia bull that they're willing to do it or you're just going to have to say you know what that work than this is now we have to adapt to today's players so you've got you know you've got that problem net pushing poll and it hasn't worked and you know after three years of something trying something desperately and it doesn't work the say well timed to move or do you keep plugging added in hoping that some day it'll work when there's two years left in your contract so that's the problem having and then and my second question well the church about this tom it scottie pippen rain today nba beside with weren't gene would you say we would be the secondbest while you're in the nba's radio i'm just curious far is uh you know the players and madeleine bad that the offense that louis defensively great finisher where would equal would he be better than having their and i was in turkey i don't think so i mean i think there are probably ten players and today's nba who are probably better more valuable than pippen pippen was a nice player complementary to michael jordan and it's always tough when you've got a star of that magnitude always tough there's never been a star nba's give all of that magnitude other than you know russell and chamberlain pop up you know what i'm saying so you you you tend to the a a complimentary guys opposed to the guy so you can go get quite the respect that you might get if you are on a team where you were the guy and the question is could he ever had then the guy on a team but the duran's of the world westbrook's you know curry the list goes on and on of guys.

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