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We're going to run the ball. By the way, by the way. That's did anybody ask Doug last night. If there was a reason why didn't play in the first. We were wondering that because. Shell. And I did not get on my list. I don't think they did Ross. And he only got three carries in the first half. Well, sprawls was feature there and you saw the extra yardage getting after he got hit you need. I mean, I said this during the game. My for one of my first questions that Doug would have been. I mean, he did not get one snap in the first quarter. Meanwhile, sproles Clement and even Wendell Smallwood gotta snap or two in the first quarter. Meanwhile, once eagles get the ball in the second quarter that next drive. It was all a giant. So, you know, my my my antenna would be up on some type of discipline, which is why he wasn't in the first quarter. But nobody said that nobody asked him, I guess, but any reason at any rate if that's not the case Angelo, it's a very bizarre substitution pattern because they had three or four series and the first quarter. He didn't get off the bed. You didn't get him. Once he will be asked that question at nine o'clock with Doug Peterson Donna show one last thing Ross because they did pan up. At one point to show Roger Goodell. And there were twenty six penalties in the game. And at least five more they ended up not being not being assessed because somebody turned it down to their offsetting. Is that what the NFL wants that many flags in a game? No, I hope not man. I mean, you know, how much I love it. Yeah. It was tough a tough. I mean the way the game ended made up for what was being honest. Otherwise a brutal game. You're I mean, thirty one penalties all the mistakes. I'd have to go back and look at each one to see whether or not they all really were penalties. I'm guessing just out the time. I had all the ones against the falcons definitely were. And the warns against the eagles a question. That's what I did. It's a bad product. And here's the thing. That's so weird. People say, well, they gotta play these guys more in the free season, blah, blah, blah. I mean, college football doesn't have any preseason. And I I didn't notice a ton of flags in college football week one. And these guys the eagles I unit played at eastern amount. You know, the falcons I unit play these amount. They're there for six weeks to college guys are there for a month. And then they play their first game. I don't really buy that. But that's a bad product. I mean, I if you're trying to get more people to watch don't do what you did last night because I've been a lot. I see people turn it off there weren't diehard fans because they were sick of all the flags why they missed the exciting Ross Tucker all you do is dazzle us with thrill Abby back for another year. Ross. Thank you, my friend. So glad to be back. That was awesome last night. Can't wait to talk to you guys next week. Thanks this outbreak. It downgrade. He really puts you there doesn't he? Right there in the end zone right there in the end. I still can't believe Ryan really did. Standard milk today. When they give you all I can think of his Jake Arrieta because that's exactly what the Phillies, right, and you go once you get thirty million. We expect me wrong. Hundred million. Thirty one year this series thirty million. The people off a little bit more. Hunched wasn't one hundred million. Not really wasn't somebody complained to me towards the end of the game about Nick foles. And I said the guy over there is getting thirty six points at this point. It's it's so much fun. The trash them when you win just think of it this way the last play the guy stays inbounds killing false today. Yes, we're killing so many different people with murdering the wraps because that doesn't even take on the fourth down play was a penalty house, by the way in a minute says a list of pigeons there's a player on the I never thought I would see on the pigeon, but Tim's on the line. And he saw other things that was similar to what happened in the game is Jimmy. How're you doing Angelo Jimmy we want? I don't know if you heard I stayed up. I watched the whole game. Very nervous at the very end. Absolutely. I thank you. I don't want to be the only one no one ever admits. They're scared. Hey Sunday night. I watched the playoff game with Atlanta last year escape. Yeah. And there's something that happened in both games that you never say. You know, what it is? What is it? Now when the falcons it it hit the foot of an eagle. Laughing in that game too. Yeah. And you never see that. I'm going to actually play that we have both in Jim. This is the only thing I gotta go to house with this that trace Sullivan is the guy. What is he doing their house? Why is he near the ball? And they were six different falcons in near the ball. What does he play right is? What is to kick? Punt returner, who's rose waving his hands at the time. He's waving. His hands is yellow Peter Peter is a universal language so get your ass away from the but he didn't do any any lead six falcons push him on top of the ball. Pretty well. Let's start with the play last night. We'll see Jim if you're right on this. Here's the play last night that led to a huge turnover. Sproles what's up? Sure he gets out of the way at bounces thirty come back to the thirty two. Now..

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