How Can You Escape a Sinking Car?



Have you ever considered what would happen if you were trapped in your car. What if you ran off the road into a body of water and started to sink. What do you know what to do. Would you be able to break a window to who escape. Those questions are the heart of a study released in two thousand nineteen by the American Automobile Association or AAA. The report actually looks at the different types hypes of glass in a car and how that glass can affect your chances of escape. If you had to break a window to get out you might not know it but the glass for your car's windshield might be different from the glass in the windows some might be tempered glass and some might be laminated glass eliminated glasses designed not to break even in a crash to decrease the odds that someone in the car will be objected and that matters because if you need to get out in an emergency you might not be able to even using car scape tools designed to help you. The AAA study showed that most car scape tools were effective at breaking tempered glass but not laminated glass in fact none of the tools tested in the study were able to completely completely breakthrough laminated glass a few were effective at spider webbing the glass. Only an increasing number of new vehicles have switched from using tempered side glass windows windows two laminated side glass windows as many as one in three two thousand eighteen vehicles. That's in response to federal safety standards however most cars that have primarily nearly laminated glass also have at least one window made of tempered glass according to Triple A. Each of a car's windows should have a sticker in the bottom corner that indicates the glass type. If you can't find it you can contact your vehicles manufacturer and ask furthermore just because the study shows the car escaped tools aren't always effective. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have one in your car. On the contrary we spoke via email with Gregg Brennan triple as director of Automotive Engineering and industry relation listen. He said AAA recommends a spring loaded style tool as we found that some of the hammer tools tested broke when impacting glass keep in mind that any tool you select will only effective for breaking tempered glass. These tools are also especially useful in case your seatbelt released doesn't work some car scape tools incorporate blades let you quickly and safely slice your seatbelt rather than fumbling with the buckle that might not open spring loaded style tools contain contain an inner mechanism that consists of a sharp spike that could be deployed within the force to break attempt glass window. Thanks to a cold spring after you by such a tool. Oh you should test it on the surface of a note pad or piece of softwood. You'll hear a click and when you remove the device from the surface. You'll see an invented whole meaning that the device works unwind demonstrations can also help you familiarize yourself with how to use the tool just in case now for the scary part. If you get into an accident where you must escape your car especially if it's sinking in water. What do you do make sure you know what type of glass your car's driver side window has. If it's laminated know that you'll will need to escape through a different window if won't roll down if your car has all laminated glass. It's critical to get a window roll down as quickly as possible the experts we talked to all recommended the shore method as an easy way to remember what to do in the event of such an emergency. That's sure s stay calm. You unbuckle your seatbelt or cut. If it's jammed are roll down or break the windows and e exit the vehicle quickly and help children out. I don't call nine one one. Until after you've escaped you can have a matter of seconds until water rises to the bottom of the passenger windows so time is of the essence. It's scary to think that you might need to prepare for an incident that traps you in your car but experts agree that it's better to acknowledge the possibility if you have a tool within easy reach and you have some idea of what to do you'll save crucial. Seconds could make the difference between escaping from your carp or not.

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