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Paul county high school sports. I'm Karen Curtis with your news talk. Eight fifty WPRO news break suspended Broward County sheriff Scott Israel is formed a legal defense fund to fight his recent removal from office by governor. Rhonda Santa's sixty two year old Israel is a two-term democrat sheriff and a thirty year law enforcement veteran he was suspended January eleventh for alleged neglect of duty and incompetence related to his department's response to the Marjory stoneman Douglas high school shooting on February fourteenth, federal employees are back to work today. The government shutdown ending on Friday with legislation to fund agencies for three weeks. The clock is once again, taking NBC's. Andrea Mitchell says money is not the issue if there is some money for a fence, and they call it a wall or some sort of additional border security money isn't the issue. That's the interesting thing. They're not worried about the fiscal side of this. They are willing the Democrats to spend a lot of money on border security. Just call it a wall. If no deal is reached Trump said another shutdown is certainly an option. However, he's also signal that he used emergency powers to build. The wall, California Democrat Senator camera Harrah's is officially a candidate for president and twenty twenty and Hillary Clinton might be back to and Democrats are unhappy with former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. He says that he's thinking about running for president to as an independent. I've been a lifelong democrat. I look at both parties we see extremes on both sides Schultz said that he would run as a centrist, independent Democrats fear that Scholtz will split the liberal vote in a battle against Trump. Good our website, if you WTO dot com to read Trump's tweets this morning about a possible presidential run for Howard Schultz. This is thin as this on Iraq. As Roger stone was arrested last week at his home in Fort Lauderdale as part of a special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia probe stone is charged with obstruction of an official preceding making false statements and witness tampering. All process crimes jam crash are asking why is everybody lying about Russia? If there were innocent explanations for all of this. Why all the lies you're next update at noon? I'm Karen Curtis. Stay connected with news anytime at eight fifty W F T L dot com. This report is sponsored by KFC for the moment. We have no reported accidents on our main roadways, but we are seeing some slow downs on southern boulevard. Westbound between forest hill boulevard and biglou trace. Also, a little slow on four forty one.

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