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Of the of great gildersleeve and i was i was leroy and then there was surely mitchell who laid who played low leila ransom shoes that lucy etre yes she was area and so i got to literally be at the stage you know for not only a dress rehearsal but then the actual show in front of a lives studio audience you know us up there on stage at with willard waterman and i got there he was like a loopier all efforts and the hendardi another one i remember was nick carter master detective with lawn clark who was nick carter uh and charlotte manson who was uh his you know sidekick on there and i was like a bad guy has daughter my these have lived exit really tells the story on how deep you are into this and how you got into this to begin with ask young you got to be on stage with a lot of those people recall him license them as well all right well dave pliers up next sunday stick around for that is a chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago and wgnradiocom oh they don't have the the new went out here to help now that's not the new one ya if you're an amazon echo user just say play wgn arri revovered the who were the what are we were the home of the the cats in the hawks in the white sox of loudest or it's no good the news is sponsored by lincoln carpet by roger it is land i that will you please you just played at out three the at once already last week did we do that i think so at least i've heard a recording of an cloudy right now eight at o'hare cloudy out there look out the window it's dark we see and we'll have continued darkness until about five o'clock in the morning breaking news every budding one we'll have widely scattered.

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