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Prices at the border R Kelly pushback, I'm Elliot Francis. Border patrol a warning about what they say, maybe a crisis at the US Mexican border quick noble reports US customs and border protection. Officials say more than forty thousand parents and children were detained at the southern border last month the most apprehensions overall since two thousand seven border patrol chief of operations. Brian Hastings mortar troll has no reason to expect that this trend will decrease. In fact, we believe it will increase Commissioner. Kevin machelandon says the numbers are worrisome. This increased flow presents both a border security and humanitarian crisis Nakhalin says a new detention facility is being built in El Paso, Texas. But the growing number of families crossing the border is putting a strain on the government's ability to care for them. Clayton Neville down. Michael Cohen is returning to Capitol Hill for fourth day of testimony Wednesday as Democrats pursue those investigations into the Trump White House. You want to Al key figure in those investigations after turning on his former Boston cooperating with the special counsel. Former Trump attorney it's testifying in private again before the house intelligence committee or Kelly now pushing back against sexual abuse allegations in an exclusive interview with CBS this morning, the R and B singer says he's never had sex with underage girls or held anyone against their will use your common says, don't forget, the blocks. Forget how you feel about me hate me. If you want to love me if you want, but just use your common sense. How stupid when it be for me? So. Crazy pass and what I've been through. All right now, I just need last whole girls against a will chain them up in my basement..

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