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Or spring period summer without baseball almost unimaginable do you think that we should be able to play they're talking about the cactus league the grapefruit league they're talking about some arrangement for some games being played let me go around calling for Sam to Tehran delighted to have you welcome to KGO thank you I'm ninety four years old and I'm the son of an immigrant my father came to this country from Sweden as a fifteen year old in nineteen oh five and he worked I lane track on the railroad named Angeli got to be on a freight train crews look the going out of Minneapolis west end up learning the English language and everything and when they had a layover in Minneapolis his fellow crew members you would take in ways to go to the ballpark and one of the guys at the my father just got excited about it loses friends there was this young guy that do it all and the my father became fan of the big baseball learning always things that we have learned in Sweden and was our regular enthusiastic supporter of Willie Mays and when when my father retired from the rebels in fifty eight they moved out to Santa Clara California I live in San Matteo and so he I always had the radio in his pocket when he was out they are didn't you wouldn't notice but giants ball games the end of the course living in Santa Clara on a pension the payment made as many trips as it causes you Sam says going to watch will be placed he was a fan of wellies all always like that it's a great story it's wonderful and you're so lucky that you experience that through your dad and that yeah I appreciate the call wonderful call thank you now I gotta tell you some smoke is slowly starting to emerge over the Major League Baseball and their plan to do this two thousand twenty season there are planning to present a plan for the two thousand twenty season to the MLB Players Association within the next week this is a report that is now being done out of the New York Post now the pie in the sky hope for the return to action is reportedly an opening day in early July a second spring training in June I am the they're talking about this but the MLB will need to take the coronavirus situation seriously and I would have to get wildly better over the coming weeks for July opening day otherwise it won't be feasible and you know these reports that we may have three thousand deaths a day beginning in June that would kill it altogether I want to know what you think about the team's quarantining say in Phoenix or in in Florida moving between stadiums and hotels in a single area and have the teams play against each other in empty stadiums would that be a baseball season for you Anthony found she the White House coronavirus expert has described the quarantine league as the ideal way to play games amid the conditions of the pandemic thank you understand well the idea of an isolated season has its drawbacks it could come with a bonus of significantly reducing chances of the virus spreading into the leak if if the league is playing games with teams moving between cities that would mean air travel hotels that would be terrible because potential exposure but if there can be one or two places where they play and they're in complete isolation except around the ball field would that work four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten you tell me did reveal out of Phoenix for spring training a lot of you do I don't know if baseball merry is listening but I know she's a big fan what let's get your comments Phil welcome to KGO hi Phil glad you called hi John a I I live in mesa Arizona and it's a big spring training deal I met my daughter what's in the Marriott corporation in Asia at the hotel down because of no no they they went from full spring training because of Big Spring tent the cubs played owner of the stadium down there and make sure it completely down we went from yeah person occupancy to four people in the hotel the only way for the Indian lady Dave what do they call the date she's laid off for a few months to go back to work flee menacing gets over but I'm a big fan I've never talked to you I'm glad to talk to you I've talked to Pat and I've talked to back in the way old days of KGO I'd love this radio station and I used to listen to it before we had the internet so I was listening to it on radio actual my transistor radio that's great and and you know the eighteenth so but what I want to say about the what made this is my dad's favorite baseball player and and it was such a great deal we didn't know he was honest to god I know you still live I'm I'm glad to hear that he's eighty nine acre eighty nine years old today there is not some yeah unbelievable it it meant something and but but the the the spring training down here in mesa Arizona is incredible I mean there's a lot of money that comes in I bet there's well because the weather's perfect it's seventy degrees minutes there's no humidity and and and people come out here and just just it's it's great let me ask you a question if as some in Major League are suggesting we had all the teams come down to makes the Phoenix area and they played in isolation you couldn't go to the ball park but they could play against each other in order to have a season how do you think that would go over I don't think it will go over it all I didn't personally I think just cancel the whole damn thing this is just my opinion I I don't think I would be just not the same yes I'm going to go to see Jimmy Buffett and the concert how can you get in an empty for a year right yeah you know how you can listen to it on the internet and that's wonderful but I your goal of the total sum field and see themselves you know and and in Colorado and see it boulder CO a concert goer and there seems to be a consensus that there will be some sort of Major League Baseball season this year in some form or another do you think if they can come up with something they ought to give it a shot and see what happens Yahoo ABC wouldn't hurt I mean let's just try to get you know the problem is we don't know but it seems so weird that we don't know about how things are going to re open and things are gonna happen Arizona is that we've been very lucky plus the fact that I don't know anybody who's had this this disease this virus I don't know anybody that knows anybody that's had this virus in more foreign I mean it is far like into work fine on her but you know when you go to star Cisco or to New York or whatever I guess it is a big crisis let's say you heard what your governor Doug Ducey did yesterday he announced he was lifting some coronavirus restrictions on businesses and he is the he sent an email to twenty three researchers from Arizona State University the university of Arizona and they're doing modeling but I have to tell you there is a stay at home order in Arizona until may fifteenth are you aware of that yes and and I understand a home on my wife happens to work for the largest selling business I will give you the name of it but it's the largest fabric sewing business owner in the country and their business is up a hundred and fifty percent from last year no no only just let me just be clear about the supermarket mass in the blizzard absolutely now in Arizona there have been a reported nine thousand seven hundred and seven confirmed cases of code nineteen we know there are at least four hundred and twenty six deaths and well relatively low in comparison with harder hit states the number of cases reported as of yesterday in Arizona rose by four point three percent in the last twenty four hours and thirty three deaths recorded there represented the single largest increase since the start of the pandemic so that's the reason why I'm interested because use made the statement that in Arizona there's been virtually no impact and at least what I'm hearing about Arizona is there has been impact I did not hear that I I did not know that and maybe is because lows is in town yesterday you're talking about the president yeah how you know you know went on maybe maybe it's because he was in town yesterday and then maybe that's the reason we heard that but it there there's seven point five million people in Arizona if you look at the percentages that to me that's nothing I mean and and I I don't mean to be this is an understated there's not many people but just seven and a half million people in front of five million people in Maricopa county that's not very many people but it is a problem and it's true that governor Ducey hosted Donald Trump in Phoenix on a tour of that mass production facility and the president of course did not wear a mask but the question really becomes because of your daughter and your observation about the economic impact of the question is whether or not a season could be put together and you're suggesting that it wouldn't work I yeah I don't know that it it I think you know I think what's going to happen to be honest with you I think what's gonna happen is that people even know let's say err the governor or the government states say okay it's okay to go back in the public I think people are still going to be scared and they're not going to want to go back in the public and and go without a mask and go into rice ice pleasure when going into the final round I'm certainly not going and I think I've predicted here for for the last month or so there will be no Republican or Democratic National Convention because well listen I want you know I'm glad failure you're listening I'm glad you're a participating and I appreciate it and you tell your daughter we can't wait for her to get back to work it's great talking to you John thank you Sir is really great I thank leisure by the way they're talking about up llegan club officials are in in terms of the the M. L. B. are saying that maybe they could do something in Florida or Texas or Arizona as a potential hub in various start up plans but I wouldn't go into a stadium would you M. this is a real issue you know the league has said they would prefer to host games in as many home cities as possible the favoring that option over sending teams and hubs such as Florida or Arizona sending all thirty teams to one location an option once considered among the most feasible.

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