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Digital assets community committee chair and house majority with tom emmer had this to say go as simple codifies long standing guidance from the financial crimes enforcement network within treasury on how the money transmission framework applies to the decentralized blockchain space he went on to say that such legislation could have prevented of some the banking meltdowns including that of the high profile sam bankman freed from ftx last wednesday u prosecutors .s dropped a campaign finance charge against sam bankman freed that may keep his trial focused on what the government considers main his crime stealing billions of dollars from cryptocurrency customers at his now bankrupt ftx exchange nashad singh ftx former director of engineering pled guilty to fraud and campaign charges saying that they use transfers to make political donations to bolster bankman freed's political influence for more on this story visit all the tech top dot tech i'm chuck palm nine till now on america in the morning with sports here's robert in the al east adam frazier hit a three -run dinger guys just you know getting a mistake and hitting it so you know we found a couple holes early and then just kind of snowballed from there so we're capable of that any night the braves bought the brewers eight six matt olson two homers and five rbi atlanta has the best record in the majors reds rounded the dodgers nine nothing to regain first in the nl central ram ashcraft and the jerelle's with a six -hitter backed up by three home runs guardians whitewashed the white socks aaron savali and company tossed a hit four gem jose ramirez went deep twice louis castillo and friends with a three -hitter as the mariners blanked the diamondbacks cardinal shut out the cubs steven mats in the welcome scattered five hits at snap chicago's eight -game winning streak and five rockies hurlers held the a's hits to five in a two -nothing win pirate saint the phillies in 10 josh palacios with a walk -off homer on his birthday angels got by the blue jays in 10 giant shade of the red sox in 11 metz nailed the nationals justin verlander gets career win number 150 royals tipped the twins minnesota has lost five straight marlin stopped the tigers rays roughed up the astros and the trays over the rangers a trade deadline tomorrow night at 6 p .m eastern a big move over the weekend was the met sending max schurzer the to rangers for ronald lacuna junior's little brother yesterday texas picked up lefty starter from the cardinals two for prospects st louis also dealt his fireball enclosure jordan hicks to the blue jays for two young arms and last night the sent angels two pitching prospects to the rockies for outfielder randall grichuk and first baseman cj krone that's monday sports thank you sir seven till when america in the morning continues writers strike fallout and unwanted backyard bather the for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis poor candidates for systemic or photo therapy now there's skyrizzy risen kizumabriza a prescription only one hundred and fifty milligram injection with skyrizzy three out of four people achieve ninety percent clear skin at four months and skyrizzy is just four doses a year after two starter doses nothing let me go and nothing don't use of allergic to skyrizzy serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or lower ability to fight them may before occur treatment your doctor should check for infection and tuberculosis tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such fever as sweats chills muscle aches or cough or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine with with skyrizzy you can achieve ninety percent clear skin ask your doctor about the

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