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Coming up later in the shell hall of famers, Brian Urlacher and down. Sanders are here influence. Yeah. That's eight fifteen right here on first things. First we some good conversations talk about some bears. They got linebacker defensive end. I think Erlich might like him prime time. Those those Cowboys Amari Cooper, he knows most Patrick Peter. I'm to tell some stories about Chris Carter. We're gonna get to Cooper and a sense. Man to go one move to. I got one move. We have four little. Pity's to the end zone. Number one. Didn't a game. Did the coach handed off to him future football? Stretch it now get scarred. Milling measly with a massive chase down block on Frank. Mason. All Frank Mason. Listen now, I'm rooting for Frank maze. And there's a good for your player to the university of Kansas undersized. A great player Vallon the draft. I'm rooting for him. But he just got his. I mean, he's swatting Malinche. Beasley said, no, no, no, the nuggets, man. I thought they'd have a great offense. Terrible defense. They've invest even some basketball in Sixers Blake Griffin to the basket throws down on Joel and be Griffin had a career high fifty points in this one. We'll get to highlight to this in a second. But what knife or Blake Griffin? It's great to see. He's sued be one of the dominant players in the Eastern Conference his career high last night in Detroit. This is what this franchise needs. They need him to be a superstar. And he has some time. He superstar be a little more consistent Blake finally do Kuh Kenya. Union Zayat Williamson with an incredible block off the backboard this aids from outside the king. I mean the. I'm speechless on him. I lot I apologize. I just I've never seen someone with that body type play basketball that high above the rent who blocked your shot. He's like zone on did it. I know people say RJ barons, the number one player in this class. Zion has any type of jump shot? He's got the number one player. He's better jump shot and Benson that Wisconsin. I knew it. Nine Mondays BUSTER NFL trade raiders trading. Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for a first round pick. Not surprisingly Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett thrilled about the move. He called the young wider Seaver a cornerstone player. Who's got a bright future in Dallas see how can the Cowboys best use Amari Cooper to give their offensive boost? Well, he has that rare ability that he can catch the ball immediately. So you can use them in the short screen game. In case you want have blitz or break off. You can have more variety. You can handle toy mom reverses. He's got football speed. He's also got Lee route run ability. He's very very good off the press, the bump and run. So for me when you have Zeke, and you have a dominant running game just like what he was Alabama. He got a lot of single coverage. He is he's a student of the game. He's no maintenance as a wide receiver. My thing with Amari Cooper is challenged him because he hadn't gotten better in the last couple of years when he went to Alabama you could. See every year. He just kept getting better and better in better. And I was hoping that potentially Philadelphia. It was going to trade for him because might grow the offense coordinator Philadelphia was his wide receiver coach. So that's why the eagles were going after Alabama at Alabama. So so might knows the player. So a Mars gotta get himself better. He's had concentration lapses..

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