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I'm I'm doing my job. Your welcome. We will keep an eye on that. And see how that goes and grows closer to home a good sports weekend this past weekend. Well. I mean, it was fair was a split. And it was the colts over the Jaguars trae nine twenty six because a game. It turns out is only thirty minutes long. No, wait. Hold on this just into WBZ newsroom. A football game in the NFL is sixty minutes long. Okay. All right. We will get that over to coach Reich and the colts immediately. I tell to house really and truly you take a look at the first half of that game and the culture unbelievable and unstoppable in the Eric Hebron three touchdowns there. Is there not a tight end who isn't incredible on this team? Mohali Cox who's like nine thousand feet tall. Incredible. And then the second half they put up twenty nine the first half. They don't score in the second half at all. They don't score in the second half. Luck ends twenty one or twenty nine two hundred eighty five yards. Three touchdowns and one interception. It wasn't a great running game about Jordan Wilkins. One. Carry fifty three yards. That's that's a fair day. That's a fair day for one Gary. It's a good average kid the guy like what you've got going on there. Very nice very well done when it comes to the NBA though Pacers. They go down to the rockets one fifteen to one zero three and no it wasn't that close. It really and truly wasn't. It was just listen just a bad beat. It's all it is the Pacers are eight and six there should be no level of panic. Just keep on fighting keep on winning got a lot to get you Veterans Day. Of course being observed today. Let's talk about what it is. Let's talk about the president there in Paris. Why everybody's so mad at him. Why are they only three-quarters wrong? And what Macron said everybody should be upset with that. You see how they they? They do that..

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