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Eight per gallon broken down the lower atlantic region is seen the price spike forty one cents in the past week along the gulf coast prices have gone up thirty five cents abc's alex stone president trump is giving congress six months to come up with an alternative his administration ending obama era protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the us as children then declaring have a love for these people and hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly senate minority whip dick durban hopeful that will happen we've had moments when we pass this measure in the senate moments we passed the house but never both chambers at the same time this is our chance to do it across the country of the positive action one in front of the white house you're listening to abc news stay connected stay informed this is 20 minutes of nonstop news komo news one thousand fm 97 7 good afternoon it is five owed two smoky hazy and eighty one degrees in downtown seattle i'm elisa jaffe with tom glasgow and here are the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center washington attorney general bob ferguson since his office is preparing a lawsuit to challenge president trump's repeal of dhaka but ferguson whoa year reveal the basis the legal basis for such a suit or when he may file it as a large group of states that are interested as well potentially united meeting my team early on this issue was very important to me and to the office and the people of the state and the nineteen thousand dreamers who live in washington state person liz skele formula and new york has potential coplaintiffs he expects legal action in his words very soon spokane area republican representative cathy morris roger says she didn't agree with how the previous administration enacted the program but she believes those who took part in it should be protected i am committed to working with my colleagues in the house tests tablet common sense policies for children of immigrants policies that recognize that many of these children came to our country at no fault of their own to other republican house members from the state have spoken out both dave reichert and dan newhouse pledged themselves to a legislative solution the.

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