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Your wednesday my name is jeffrey rich jared phillips alongside for the evening plenty to get sued in believable of sports bob first of all rikio gets that lies tonight louisville we knew it was coming little using or was about to drop it here at comes grip aquino out eighty tom jerk out that scandal will not go away anytime soon the cubs clinching the nationally central new dwayne wade is officially a on cavalier canada doesn't want johnny manziel bear are getting ready to play the packers on amazon crime on thursday night and you know all believe it or not wants to fight drivel jit get jerry phillips welcome to the wednesday edition of sports overnight america what's going on it paying it out here about erase report back to below he lando ohio here greko get ready go why why on earth would you go back when the weather's to getting so nice here in the valley of the sun my friend give back in ohio we could be though we and in a brick weather little bulewa out there so hey you you know jeff you can't be the food i mean come on the foods okay the food the food works but that humidity humidity grow in see yeltsin that summer anymore it's fall and i can watch leaves today judge tv so i could ted right here in the good old state of arizona as we're we're into that eightmonth season of awesome here i definitely agree i grew up and better than aragona weather that emit that i mean auto weather all your rao what are you guys like four years of the opening of it on your pay pretty much that's right that's right add speaking opening the oven on their face years or a cardinals tumble farther football which think of that showing allow your ricardo go with the terrible i mean that was a crash a you had a terrible but will paying the uae alkebir wind play was her were in the amine unveil there were getting wall out of the play our i will get into all that on the other side we gotta take a quick clause jeff rich jared phillips this is sports overnight american we'll be right back.

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