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Defense numbers actually were lower than you think and I went through and watched every single isolation defensive possession he played on the season and there were only three accountant three where the person scored on him where he was he was directly responsible. One was a face up three. One was a bank shot two from Johnny Jews and one was a drop drop step spin move from Spencer Jones at Stanford where he just took the wrong angle and the spin was a nice counter. The other Terry stays in front of his man, he makes point guards through small forwards, really uncomfortable with the ball. He's one of the best off ball defenders in terms of gambling for steals and coming up with seals. And that contributes to his prowess and transition. And he's just that guy you really want on your team because he rebounds. He steals the ball, he shoots at a competent level. He makes your best players better and he doesn't ask for a numbers himself. I'm a jazz fan. I'll fully admit this. If the jazz were to sneak into the second round trade for a pick, I would love to take Dale and Terry because while he could boost his stock and go back to school, I think there's a market for him in the NBA because of what herb Jones has done and said and you play good defense. You get a few steals in your own selfish and teams will come calling for you. So that's my pitch for Dale and Terry. Yeah, I like it. And the reason I like you go is I'll be a 100% honest. I don't like doing the, you know, I've seen like 40% of what I actually want to see of him. I don't want to talk out of my ass and just be like, oh, well, you know, this is this because the numbers say something that I have no idea what I'm saying. So I'm letting you dominate this intentionally. So the one concern I have, this has always been my thing with Dale and Terry, why I've held bath on him is the jump shot form is a little bit weird. I was curious of what you think of the jump shooting translating to the NBA. I think they'll.

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