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Donald Trump, Twitter, Mitt Romney discussed on R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: ME?


Do you have is that something that you ever felt like was going to be an issue with the band, where were you ever afraid of turning people off or was it? Did you think that you had a responsibility with a platform like what you guys had got through it? Yes goodwin. Good. Second half. I don't know about responsibility. It was just something we cared about. I mean, you know, young people they all get down get caught up and agitated and swept up and annoyed and angry. And it's a great thing. And we were pissed off. There was a lot of a lot of things going on. We didn't like, and we felt were detrimental to ourselves into other human beings and. You know, we had a platform and we used it. And I feel good about that people. You know now on Twitter, and even or other things we did vote for change tour and all that stuff were like, oh shit up and soon once you go away because people still say to say that. Yeah. When we saw you to a massive Square Garden on this last tour people right behind in New York, it has a Square Garden. They're saying shut up, and it's like have you not heard of this band before? Well, and people's, you know, people say Rockstars musician shouldn't talk about politics. Well, who should only politicians? That's exactly which gets us where we are. No, Now. I think. I think everyone should talk about politician. Everyone should care about politics. And and as a band, if you have a platform you want, and you know, and dammit young people should be progressive. Young people shouldn't be regressive and conservative young people said one things to change it sucks when you're young the world is going to change from young people's activism. It's the only way it's going to change. And so therefore, you know, we were young people and we wanted to rally as many young people as we could to care about the process and make a difference. Well, it worked because like Scott, I also I even became a vegetarian for like two months after I heard Michael was a was a vegetarian farm, but his we're so stinking. It did not it did not last long get up get into it get involved as James round said. So speaking speaking of politics, though, something happened recently is on Twitter with Trump in the mean like with using everybody hurts in and using it like to slam Democrats kiss. Some of the guy. Did it some guy who does a lot of dumb ass memes? Put one out there and Trump re tweeted it and he used to much of. I mean, it's it's it's it's deep weeds when you talk about what's fair using what isn't, but he used to much of everybody hurts you can use a snippet of it here, and there, I guess and get away with it. But he used to much of it. And we threw ourselves and the record company we were able to get Twitter to take Trump's re tweet down, which was that's very I didn't hear about that. Yeah. It was it was a really know. Because what the guy did he played everybody hurts over like Schumer crying or something or Democrats at the state of the union right sitting there, not enjoying not being happy about it, which they shouldn't because the devil himself is on this, you know, at the podium, and then he showed for some reason. It was all Democrats and Mitt Romney. And it was this weird. Oh, yeah. Romney now, they really do. So. And it was just it was really stupid. It was just the bad use of our song. And and when Trump tweeted it, we said, that's it you're done. I hate it. When When. like politicians use your songs, I hate it. Do you hate it? When politicians use your songs to like walk out on stage. You know, like politicians that you don't agree with or are you ever just like this is not what our music is about. It's, you know, it's it's very it's obviously, you know, death tone-deaf and ham handed in and really stupid..

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Donald Trump, Twitter, Mitt Romney discussed on R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: ME?

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