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Dayo Nomo never shied away from challenge. Even as a kid. Well, he was a big guy. So he was always breaking up fights and protecting the smaller kids, Robert whiting is a historian who has lived in Japan for over fifty years and written several books on Japanese baseball army when you're big you learned people don't push you around. What does this is? No, mowing a rare nineteen Ninety-seven interview on Japanese television, remembering his childhood, no Sokha. I grew up in a neighborhood with many factories after school. I would throw a baseball at the big wall at the factory. I tried to find a way to throw hard every day to throw harder Nomo came up with an unusual pitching delivery. He would twist his body turning his back to hitters and whip back around to launch the ball towards the batter. They developed this court shoe style pitching play catch with his father. He just said he was trying to impress father. See how much even increase their kind of wind up by the time. He turns twenty Nomo is one of the country's most exciting young players. I think I'd be against no more to us three times. Shigetoshi Hasegawa was a starting pitcher on a rival club honesty. They don't wanna if you tug as him. It was kinda two points on competitors on the field Nomo and Hosokawa became friends off of it. They soon discovered they shared the same goal into pitch in the major leagues we are talking about it all the time. Someday, we want to get onto the mall Dowd time that was a ninety. Nobody thinking about it. It was just a dream. Of course. Teammates, don't be or something. You know, what you're not gonna make it. One reason this dream seems so ridiculous was because Nomo Hasegawa and their fellow players all knew the story of Masanori more common. Tokyo giants visit for a preseason exhibition. Contest back in the nineteen sixties.

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