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That's I think where a lot of these folks get into trouble is you're almost required to declare a camp that you're in whether it's nature nurture environment or genetics which seems obvious to me is of course corset is a combination of all these things not unlike culture in our biology is a combination of what we are as a species and all these things but there seems to be some inclination to plant a flag and we found the genetic marker to say that it's one thing or another and we're infamously terrible creatures as study right because we have so many layers going on besides our genetic. It's not just us man it. It just scientific Hubris. Check this out. Every mouse study you've ever seen dino feels manner woman feeding them is no clue well. Here's the deal mice change their behavior. One woman feeds them versus a man. We controlled for all variables bullshit you did you did not record the gender age of your lab assistant and you also didn't record whether they they were wearing. Cologne or not because also affected the mouse so we are not controlling all the variables even know what variables matter yet huge amounts of science masturbation. It feels good look look but nothing happened at the end. That was productive. Yeah they often just really confirm a gut intuition we had all along and it's like all comfirmation formation by at least somehow and I think it's done subconsciously. I don't even think they're trying to manipulate enough but I just think you manaf you. Find what you're looking for. People want answers for thanks so oh you're. GonNa try to find one regardless yeah. You're the real massive things are uncovered is in clinical trial with that that means is you go to the doctor. I've been here for forty years and I've been treating the same thing I noticed these patterns and they happen over time in if I use this it works and if I don't use this works in the greatest breakthroughs that I've ever covered on my show the stuff I write about him. My books are largely from people who just treated ten thousand people and noticed it and and then they say well. There's a study from my source study in a lab. It says that can happen until like bullshit it can happen. I treat people and if I do this again well. If I don't get well so don't Oh show me your stupid study young Turk into my office and I'll show you a pitching it better yeah. That's what's been missing. Almost like bullying from academia of the actual doctors doctors on the street who are healers moves of the people who saved my life my brain back on well. I had the personal experience of trying every single western option for sorry Arthur. Itis in my wife forced me to our of eight cleanse. I did it. Lo and behold my body felt better and I left going again. No disrespect to the community I was like I don't know that they know why what they're saying is working but they have been studying people for ten thousand years in keeping records and they've seen some patterns and they figured some shit out now whether they know biochemical what's happening is kind of irrelevant to me because I feel better but I'm very much caught between pseudoscience scares me. Eastern stuff often scares me. I hear a lot of people in my circle talking about. They had a blood panel and they've figured this out on me. I don't really think we can watch your food interact the away this blood panelist is saying that they observed so. I think it's sometimes I guess I'd feel better about it. If everyone just kinda owned the well there's a mystery but this is working they make any sense it makes great sense and the truth of the matter is that until we can take Adams and line them up and make a life. Even just a single single celled life. You're completely fooling ourselves that we know what's going on there. we can now take an embryo. pull the guts out and put another one in. We don't know how to make that first. I spark happen so what's up with that. So all the stories we tell ourselves with the lady who discovered the endorphin receptors in the brain and share sure this amazing book and there's is Ken per is called the molecules of emotion and she died before interview which is one of my my regrets she was an nih researcher and just kind of it's tough lady in over the course of her career out of Agassi's describes how she kind of softened and towards the end they discover the opiate receptors like how it actually works like her work led Ed to what we know about addiction today and she said well. I finally went excellent and I I met these Shamans and I was trying to explain to them about opiate receptors now all these amazing neuro zero chemicals move round in the brain and they started laughing and what isn't asked the translator in trauma looked at the Shaman and he said they actually think all these things exist. Yeah we see Spooky goblins moving back and forth. It doesn't matter what you call them or would you put this amazing scientific framework. I'll tell you western science works because we can can make cool drugs that target receptors. We know more and it's the best time ever to live two hundred eighty but do we really know the mechanism or do we think we know the mechanism well. I'm not sure yeah I remember like getting lots of blood work done for the arthritis and they go. Oh you know you need vitamin. D You need vitamin. D Lack Vitamin D ause inflammation and then I heard someone on Howard stern his doctor and the doctor goes no. They have it completely backwards when you have inflammation. It takes all your vitamin D so it doesn't matter how much you took it. It's actually the sign that you have inflammation. It's not the cause of the inflammation. It's the downriver result of inflammation. I'm like well fuck everything now. I don't know which ones true and it's just endlessly Melissa Maddening really because Ellie so that's something that you talk about a lot right. I talked about it a lot and it also you're the ultimate Guinea pig. I had arthritis diagnose fourteen in my knees. I like all the diseases of aging before I was twenty seven and it was just a pain in the ass and I said you know this stuff supposed to work it says joins glucose amine and and you know what it actually worked so great. I perform this amazing scientific thing I I. I made hypothesis and tested. It and I observe the results. Emily stopped taking. It got worse. When I start taking better therefore it's helping right. That's what we can do. It's not that hard to do well. That's why I guess I got to the the point whereas like why not be oh. What's it cost you to try these things. I I've done so much stupid shit like this has no right to work but I have done multi take Chamonix trainings. I've been to Tibet to learn meditation from the masters a general kinds of crazy Chinese energy medicine acupuncture and I've tried boiled bags of herbs CBS because you know what they're probably not. GonNa kill me and it might be interesting. This neuro feedback thing guy left my body. I've read my brain. The angry dickhead voice in my in my head is gone West. Stress levels are lower. I do more like it's been worth it but I've also done some stupid stuff. They didn't do anything but I'm okay with that and if you have the experience again again we both can acknowledge that we are terrible observers of ourselves first and foremost. I think all of us are pretty bad at that but if you had the experience where you try something it works. Have you ever thought US up. Oh that was placebo. I bought into Placebo which I just WANNA point out. A doctor told me placebo is as real. L. Is the real medicine if it has the outcome. It has the outcome so it's kind of irrelevant but have you ever found yourself going. Oh I think that one goes in the Placebo Oh category every year on the biohacking conference. It's it's going to seventh year and last your head Robbie Richmond a friend of mine WHO's electron stage. He sells the X. Pill doc is a purple pill that says Placebo on the bottle you take it and you put in a little glass fanciulla financial thing and write on little chuck thing on there what you want it to be you say your intention and then you swallow the pill and you know what he's got clinical trials that show that shit works that is the usefulness of Placebo sharks sure what I do and I'll tell you right now the vast majority of homeopathic stuff I've tried. I really can't tell it. It's doing it right. That's kind of where I took that gloomy or glucose meeting yeah. I don't think I ever felt anything. I'll tell you I was of that mindset to and I found out Glucose Amino. HCL The form really mattered because the normal glucose means It doesn't do anything as far as I can tell but it might other people and for me that was the important variable yeah right and also I had pretty darned severe knee pain when you're fourteen and you try and play soccer and all I really noticed notice said it was packing my quality life so I absolutely think I've also I I will still try some homeopathic remedies from people who are masters of other field and have had profound results with patients and know their shit. You know who those people are and if they say try these little drops charge them myself using the power of moon beavers well. Hey who am I look. I'm not saying this for forty years. So the worst so happens. We'll take some drops of water and I've had a few times where I don't think that was placebo. I did not expect that to happen like holy crap. So how can I know I can't. I just can't wear it very often. It's a weasel word but I'll tell you I'm not going to know and it's okay right. I know people I think in general people need to be a little more comfortable not knowing stuff. You almost never do think you know and you feel safe. When you think you know but you don't know Oh right right right and yeah people go like not as many anymore but he used to getting debates with people about religion quite often I used to the total waste of time but quite politics on top on the religion to friends and family members it introduced that you know those conversations generally would always get to a point where it's like you think the Big Bang explains. It and I'm like I understand the Big Bang Theory I. I don't know that I believe the Big Bang theory. I don't give me it's okay with me that I don't know. It doesn't for me require that insert some other thing. I don't know to to your bandy.

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