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The social media giant is blocked in the country, and the move is an apparent attempt to break into the lucrative market. The firm said that its new office would help Chinese developers and startups. Those are some of the headlines we're following today here on monocle twenty four. Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka has decided to close down her fashion brand at comes year after she split from the company to become a senior advisor in the White House. I'm joined in the studio by Monaco's fashion editor. Jamie waters can have a new Jamie, first of all, was this a surprise? Was there any specific reason given? Yes, I'm in the reason given by Vancouver. Was she wanted to focus on her kind of role and responsibilities in Washington, as you said she? She stepped away year ago, and I think. It's been kind of a the. The brand has struggled. Basically, since Trump was elected in many ways, it's been you kind of used as a lightning, broad, full criticism of the Trump administration on on its policies. And you know, for instance, I so it's things I when Trump was sort of championing made in the US Ivanka's Brown was criticized because it it's manufacturing in India, Bangladesh, China. So it kind of was used as a white, you know, people kind of, you know, put it against Trump's policies and basically I think it has. It's not doing very well. So these hasn't made said she said she wants to focus on on heroism in Washington. But you know, in recent, I in the past kind of year, it's being dropped by Nordstrom. It's just this just this month that was dropped by Hudson's bay in Canada. And I've said because of CEOs, I mean, other people have said as well that it's kind of some stores pop shop as a form of kind of silent protests, right? More political than just to sales, which they'll back it up. Yeah, but but I think essentially it seems it seems that it's not being selling well, and it's obviously that that situation where the brand is connected to the name, it's so intrinsically connected Ivanka step twice. So she's not running anymore. She still does prophet. She, you know, she, she makes money for pocket. Some of the prophets she's too is connected through trust, but she's not running it, but you know, it's got her name on so the, you know, such a tight connection to her, which is kind of these funny thing when when a brand is named off to someone, people always going to associate it with that course. So it becomes a lot more than just the clothes that selling. And what happens now in in these situations with fashion brands? Is it taken over and renamed? Is it completely shut down? How does that work? So these. Funds being completely shut down. I believe that's what they've said. That kind of winding down everything they've, they've got sort of deals in China. The kind of this eighteen. It's an eighteenth strong team based in York, and I think it's completely winding down, so it's not too much more has been set at the moment, but you know, it will. I think it will continue to be sold for the next. You know, the short time on a it's on Amazon is because seller, I believe. But essentially, yeah. I mean, it's it's no more. She I, you know, she's kept always going to be saying she wants to focus on Washington for the time being whether or not will come back to east kind of another thing. Right. And what's been the reaction so far? No, we we talked a little bit about how sales haven't been good, and I've read that Donald Trump's brand has only sold one hotel chain or something like that since he came in office, so. So perhaps the brand isn't really strong right now for that Trump name but hasn't been any big reaction reaction in the fashion. World is going to make an impact at all..

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