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Our five star mobile app with kill reminder at Walgreens. We're your diabetes, go to stop by and talk to your pharmacist today. Walgreen's, trusted since nineteen o one. AM seven sixty. K FM. CBS news update a proposal to extradite criminal suspects to mainland. China has led to massive protests. In Hong Kong. Riot. Police have directed water cannons at the crowd. They're firing rubber bullets and tear gas to CBS news. Correspondent Ramian Asencio is there have actually successfully stopped legislative council from debating the extradition hill. Looking ahead, this could be very short term wind reason for that is because the chief executive Harry has said that she will get this Bill crew matter what Eric, Eric Cohen Lyons has lived in Hong Kong for seventeen years. The Hong Kong government giving assurances saying, no, no. This is to protect term congress for your own good. It's for rapists trimmers. But, you know, people here are pretty savvy and understand that it's much broader than that, that, she executive calling the riots unacceptable for any civilized societies. CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Now from the studios of news, eight five local present. He goes, talk and breaking news. This is a AM seven sixty seven sixty John dabble. That's one of the stories we're following pick it up the cones in San Diego in five southbound between the nine five and the five looks like it's still very slow coming away from main street to, to that roadwork situation, to have is sponsored by choose AT dot org. Find proven treatment for.

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