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The nda to be eliminated i pray to god that happens i pray to god that happens unbelievable but less than before i go to the calls i noted with interest one of the lead stories of the daily caller run by my good friend tucker carl involves a story out of uh indiana that broke yesterday i'm sorry broke this morning eleven thirty one a the following in indiana hospital no longer employs a nurse at the center of outrage over a tweet calling for white mothers to kill their sons the hospital announced on sunday today listen to this the nurse in question tightly sha baker is nairn employers indiana university health no much about it but sounds like in the end university held is a big facility after tweet of hers blaming white mothers for the evil the world surface this week hurt quoting a statement from the hospital on sunday quote a recently hired i you health employee tied troubling post on social media media this weekend is no longer outlawed by you health this is what she said listen up this is indiana university health law i think that's a huge facility maybe employment quote this what the nurse said her net and she's africanamerican or namus teixeira baker quote every white woman raises a detrimental body when they raise a white sun someone with the highest propensity to be a terrorist rapist racist killer and domestic allstar historically every sign you had should be sacrificed to the wolves then she be word i'll tell you should baker over twitter while she was an employee at the hospital so while at work in the hospital.

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