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I love that I love I love to mix, you know, like, but they don't sell over here and it's very refreshing because we can cross it either. Mexican baloney is not allowed into the U. S because it's made with pork and could introduce a foreign animal disease. That does not stop smuggler, says Katherine Vasquez, a U S customs and border protection agriculture specialists. It's love, then they they crave it. They smuggle it across because they're able to sell it. For say, um Under the table. Baskas has inspected products at border crossings for more than 20 years, she says Mexican baloney is one of the most popular prohibited items. The contraband comfort food in the form of red colored rolls turns up time and time again. They call them chubs, those round rolls and the price of a role at least doubles once it crosses the border, according to Vasquez, say anywhere from 30 to $40 all the way up to further north up to $80 for one single. Roll. Since May, CPB officers at Border Crossings in El Paso have seized at least £1000 of baloney. One man had 35 10 found roles hidden under blankets in the back seat of his SUV. If you tasted this baloney yourself, you have. Have you ever tried it? No, I just I know that it takes forever to burn. That's because CPB officers destroy the bologna by incinerating it at ports of entry. And yes, it does smell like a big hot dog roast the Lama or Texas meat shop manager points out. The story has some great baloney. But for customer medium worthies who grew up eating, she mixed brand.

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