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One Kemba Walker had twenty eight after a slow start in Boston fifteen of five Miami fifteen six I've been a very good year Lakers won twenty one of ninety six over you tied to see lebron James walking with the ball in his hands over mid court me took three and a half four steps before for the back the Ford no travel call Bruins hosting Chicago tonight in the U. R. I. P. C. tomorrow night at Ryan's federal sold out I'm stupid battle newsradio nine twenty one oh four seven of them all right may I think you the red Sox did not tender the non tendered infielder Marco Hernandez the other day at the deadline and then they re signed them yesterday so the red Sox will go into spring training with for open roster spots on their forty man roster journey so John decker from the White House talk about this partisan rift was on display the first judiciary impeachment hearing that really too many surprises yesterday John no not really when you consider that the Democrats chose the law professors that were expressing the view that the president committed impeachable acts and that Republicans chose a law professor who has come to the conclusion that nothing the president has done or said rises to the level of an impeachable act although professor Jonathan Turley did say that when he found the president's conversation with president to Lynskey to be highly inappropriate highly inappropriate however in his view does not rise to the level of being an impeachable offense it's really also said he when you move in way too fast and he did you know I like we might know this already but professor Turley was a professor of mine so known quite well we we talk pretty often we exchanged emails pretty often and he's made the point from the very start as has maintained that nothing the president did was was impeachable but yes to your point run he's saying look slow down you don't have all the evidence yet you need to hear from some more witnesses let this process play itself out there's no rush to impeach the president and that might be a message that some Democrats are listening to in fact we're going to hear from the house speaker Nancy Pelosi at nine AM eastern time and she is going to tell us the next steps in the impeachment process okay but if you miss that American history class when it dealt with impeachment you to get a refresher course yesterday at least it did you got it from both sides you got it from those who believe the president ought to be impeached you got it from a professor Turley you because of the opposite conclusion but you know it was quite the the class yesterday I was very impressed by all the professors that were brought before Congress yesterday for their testimony John Dickerson the White House thanks John thanks.

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