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My t shirts. Maybe they care about actually no. I'll talk about at the show 'em so anyway you guys on the questions. The youtube comments. I love to everyone on twitter and facebook. I we've been doing that for a while. It's been getting good. Good good feedback from the facebook and twitter users of the world so case without further do what is our first question. Why is it markham saw that. It's like mark ham. Mark marcum mark ham like mark hanging out with without the ill. Burma can martin o. Mark morrow now. It's so much more people sounding erica. Erica thank you know. It's it's mark comma ham. Mark the baby. Exactly exactly anyway. You guys know the drill. Ask question youtube comments about anime. Most probably i'm may but whatever you guys feel like chitchatting about we are here. We got no media day again this week. So we'll talk about whatever media day this week right over a day but not a virtual. yes small. Happy birthday the a side. Yes two years to the jose. Young's racially this of course dates back all the way to our friend. Luke thomas's live chat. Then it went to the cheinal shoddy mockery mandi days. And then it went to sean and co and now it is. Jose co or jose casing fell team. Came team team here first question. I guess this is a big one. The big news today did. Wwe just released braun. Strowman dot dot dot w. t. f. question mark so yes i guess we do have a lot of professional wrestling fans and our comments action and on twitter Apparently released former universal champion braun. Strowman ouster black. Who had just started a program apparently Who else did they released. Those big one. Lana who said whilst garrett We'll be right and ryan we ride. Yeah so it's just murphy. Nobody murphy you lost his first name. Remember that's how it works buddy. I think he's back to being buddy or maybe he is now. I don't know who ak you your arms up in the air physically when this question was pulled up. So what are your thoughts on braun. Strowman being released. I guess this stuff. This was important. Because i get it. Well if we're not going to dwell too much on on the pro wrestling. This is a combat sports. Podcast not just ufc. So we do all combat sports organizations which includes of course professional wrestling even the most powerful discipline on the planet It's interesting You know look we we talked about. Ufc release all the time and you know names that. Come up and go oh. I can't believe they're released romero. I can't believe they let a chicago or anderson syllabi. They you know they part. It was him tyron woodley. I didn't sign him so it's of it's everywhere talking about how no one is safe when you get to this sort of big when you get to the big big big show obviously is the goal where everyone wants to get. You have c w whichever the organization may be but one second like jose you mentioned. This guy was headlining wrestlemanias former world champion. Top guy in the company and the next guess. What your your release your your future endeavors again and we see it happen all the time. So yeah this is really. I think this is really big. News obviously You know not necessarily related but in combat sports for tamen yes strowman really shocking. All-star black townsend hadn't we got his own yet company feels like was on the cost to do something with 'em i admit i've able me that much but i know that sort of where he was and so some of the other names berry talented people who knows what they'll they'll turn up but Yeah i i haven't watched on time. I'm gonna be man but other releases. Were really really well. I know braun strowman was a product is one of the few products of the wb. He had no wrestling experience before. Signing same as biggie. They're they're in that same boat where you got a lot of these big wrestlers that Big famous wrestlers that were independent wrestlers. That eventually signed a wb and they kind of made a name for themselves in the regional scenes and then they get to the big show that was not the case of bronze to the point where he tweeted he was kind of poking fun at independent wrestlers not being able to work much during the pandemic. Yeah yeah that wasn't great that that's not a great look. I'm curious how he does a considering key. His whole wrestling life has been. He didn't even do t. He skipped. annex t he learned at the performance center and then cut his bones on raw like his big jump. That'd be with your family room and at the white family and your big fashion of us in the us. The four he later later the band later it would be as if like. We've seen that. Obviously like matt riddle and matt mitchell. Debuted in the ufc. But they have of course had like marital was a big and they both came from the ultimate fighter. This is this would be as if someone gots like biggie sign annex t got his A lot of work on that learn how to work on television and then made his thousand lebron's jones case also block of course Former tommy an independent wrestler from the uk From holland in the netherlands. So i think he'll be fine. I think you'll get scooped up real quick You also is very pretty talented kickboxer. He used a lot of the as of him hitting mitts and bags and all that kind of stuff. So maybe he wants to do a little bit of both that'd be fun to he has been. He has fantastic tattoos. I m Beyond jealous that the amount of paul booth tattoos he has paul booth is a man that free free hands tattoos. He doesn't put a stencil down. You have the mall cop. Close enough paul booth. I think you're thinking of paul Oh my dad has played by. Kevin james good segue law. Big time may fan. You're you're babu freestyles tattoos though if you just want demonic looking thing and you have no idea what's going to go to him but it's like a seven year wait any real quick on how. Go ahead casey keep up with. Wwe and a inside baseball wb but like are these releases based on charles is not good enough money or a. We think there's a..

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