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But all I have is so security and I'm gonna take my husband so secure. It's about $3200 a month. So round number. She was short about five grand a month, and she had no idea how toe sort of fix that when her husband was alive. He took care of everything. But for her, she just needed a steady paycheck, so it's important. For her in this case, to take a portion of our money and design it So it gives her that steady paycheck. No matter what. I wonder how many people who are listening to us right now have that box of stuff my mom and dad used to have. Ah, lock box of fire box. You know that kind of thing, And then they throw all their important papers in there. That's literally what they did. They threw all their important papers in there, and then they shut the box and then you don't think about it. But, you know, somewhere along the line, you got to take those papers out. And you got to make some sense of it and you actually have to put pen to paper. As you say, Sam and and figure out how is this all going to work, and we're coming to retirement with 41 case. They don't end in a check, just like our parents had that pension, so we got to figure that out, and sometimes you kind of shrug your shoulders. And how does that work? Well, that's that's why Rabin Online wealth partners is here, and that's what you've been doing for 30 years. Isn't it would always talk about having a written retirement plan having a strategy having Just understand where everything is so that retirement plan is our version of what we call the 3 65 retirement plan and we address making sure that your money is going to continue to grow. We address taxes. We address inflation. But one of the probably most important aspects of that plan is to make sure that we have an income plan in there and we address that for you. So you don't have to worry about each and every month or, you know, two or three times year or once a year. When you look at your stuff. Well, where am I going to get next year's income from its put on autopilot? We want to make sure that that gets to you Without having to sort of figure it out without having to worry, And that's really what retirement is all about, making sure that you can enjoy retirement without worrying. We want to take some of that worry off the table. Some of those uncertainties that you have right now and one of those uncertainties that you have right now might be. Where do I start? How do I get this conversation going? Well, that's why we have this radio show and we want to introduce you to the team. At Rabin Online wealth partners that starts with a 15 minute call. There's no obligation here. There is no cost. All we want to do is let's get your questions out on the table. So here's a great place to start. Go to our website, which is 3 65 retirement dot com and learn about us. There's a But in there this is about us. There's a button here that says services, and it'll tell you who we are and what we do. If that lines up with some of the questions that you have scheduled at 15 minutes strategy call, it's absolutely free. You can also give us a call and do that, too. At 61744093 65 years, the website It's a really easy way to do it. All right, Sam, where we're wrapping up this segment here, and I can't let you go without talking about the Super Bowl. Just a little bit. Okay, way, Miss Big Tom here in new and that's for sure. But it was a great Super Bowl. Itwas I was so happy that I personally mean we have some. We know we have some Brady haters. But I was very happy to see a guy you know, really accomplished his goal. Which is this sort of set a mark A. You know what? I'm gonna do this and I don't need belt belt check to do this with I'm gonna win another Super Bowl. And you know what? He crushed it? Absolutely, you know, And what was interesting was it looked like it was a full stadium, but about 60,000 of those seats were filled with cardboard cutout. I know there were thousands. Just there were 15,000 people there and tickets. For that thing. We're about $10,000 apiece and I thought to myself, You know if your team was playing and you really wanted to go, you might make that sacrifice his talent. I'm writing the check for 20 grand. Me and the wife are gonna go. And maybe that would be important to you. And you would miss that money for sure. But you know, it's interesting to me as the market goes up and down. If you lose $20,000 in the market, a lot of people go paper lost. Maybe deal. The big deal. Come back tomorrow, right? It's not really that way. When you get toward retirement. Is it well? At one point, it was your money. So really, it's just just because it's a paper loss. Yes, on paper, But the reality is that you lost 20 grand so Yeah, I think it's important to making sure like we go back to this all the time. Pay attention to what you have, and that's part of that, You know, whole process of 3 65 retirement plan, making sure that you don't lose $20,000 on paper and going forward. We talked about income is so very important, but protecting your money is also one of the priorities. Of the 3 60 ft. The name of the show is the name of the show. I think it's just don't lose the money. Just don't lose the money. That's right. That's that's why it's been that way for 30 years. We want to help you with your money, but we want to protect it. We want to grow it. We want to pay attention to all the different aspects of retirement like taxes like inflation, as we've been talking about on the show today. If you're interested in having that conversation, Give us a look on the Web site. Find out who we are. Find out what we do and make that appointment to sit down and have that conversation. Maybe it's just that 15 minutes strategy call that you can get your questions out on the table. And that's really how this whole thing starts again. 61744093 65 or the website is 3 65. Retirement dot com. We're going to take a break, and when we come back, we'll talk a little bit about Social Security. Did you know that your Social Security check could be taxed? To the extent that social Security is probably going to claw back about $650 billion over the next couple.

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