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You saw on that clip. Kinda gone viral about talking about Derek Carr. Yes. And whether or not this is sort of a maker break prove it or lose it as in lose your job season for him under Jon Gruden. Yes. In, in your, your insight, there is what well, first of all, I was on the set with Victor Cruz. In rob, Nick vich. And I could not believe the take that they had as both former players and I was like, who am I talking to on the set? You know what I'm saying? And the question that we were dealing with was does Derek Carr have to prove himself after this season, and obviously, Victor and rob took the position of having to. And I was like, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why does Derek Carr have to prove himself after this season? Let's not forget, this was a quarterback that was in the playoffs with the twelve and four record under the previous regime for one season one-season, though. But I mean but. He's not he's not thirty five. He's still in his twenty. What I'm saying he. So he did that under the previous regime, and probably in all likelihood would have gone to the conference championships or the Super Bowl, perhaps had. He had not that freak accident with his ankle. I mean, like they were talking about him as a MVP. So let me tell you what the caller ranting, you don't go to bed and forget, how to, like play really good at quarterback. Okay. And these guys were all. It's all what have you done for me lately? He stunk it up and like, no, he threw for over four thousand yards. Any had X amount of touchdowns in it was a positive regional have it right on the top the head? So I just I couldn't believe that they were saying that at all the raiders like came out at us. Sorry about that. I mean it was it was a severe debate. I just think I think it also speaks more maybe to his new coach because you're right. You don't go to bed one night, wake up the next morning forgetting, how throw a football but you can go to bed one night..

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