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Actor sam you un of the tv hit out lander is here to tell you how to behave on a date he basically tells you to lie jeff also ondeck writer faith zely comics moshe casher into tuzla geraud and if that lineup sounds familiar that's because this is an encore broadcast of an episode we first aired in may 2016 of cast your mind back to a time when repub nsw were actually they were trying to repeal obama care back then to jeff and we were still starting the show with small talk now first or you might not have heard we're speaking with daniel henderson she is a writer for the hbo series divorce danielle what story are you going to be talking about a parties this week if there is a really fun thing happening in south korea okay city of seoul recently sponsored with decor paul speaks out competition while you can believe it got its competitive now because that we've been doing that for forever that's right you're like i've been in this competition on my own for a while you left any of my former bosses so tell us more what's happening there dole are which is one of the most plugged in cities in the world the most wired honor lots of internet in apparently forty percent of their day is spence looking at a phone that they have sponsored a competition where people were sitting in a park this past sunday for sixty to ninety minutes to see who could maintain the lowest staple resting heart rate and somebody actually one whit without i guess looking at their found without looking at their foes kind of an electronics free it was it was a small the key asian from from the little computers we carry around with all this is that it the whole point is to get away from screens for a little bit and that's the primary point but the added benefit is breaking people of their addiction apparently 15 percent of people who use smartphones audacious symptoms of addiction so your heart rate might jump up a little bit when your way from your phone in can't see what's going on in your instagram so they're trying to make a concentrated effort for you to to calm down and so who was the chilous guy in so who yeah what happened the winner was a young man him crash he's also a rapper and this sounds more.

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