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Studios among the mini critics of the president. For failing to denounce the Intrusion of our election by Putin for his failure to stand up and defend our. Intelligence community another well-known geopolitical expert weighed in and Senator John McCain blasted Trump and a statement the. Begins. Today's press, conference in. Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful, performances by an American president, in, memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump's naievety egotism false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate okay all right Let's see we got, here, we got egotism hold on egotism plus naievety alright times. False. Equivalence equals Yes reason Steve. Colbert Treason See the same. People as I, said when I began the show, today Who didn't give a rip about. The rob Silverman commission report George W Bush didn't lies into the war what time at one time from the seventy three percent of Democrats as recently, as twenty thirteen believe at George W Bush lied us into that war Saint people who are denouncing President Trump for not accepting the findings of the intelligence community completely rejected the findings of the intelligence community when it came, to their assertion that. Nobody in the, Bush administration light us into war Vladimir Putin was interviewed by Chris Wallace after his summit with the president the question of course came up do you have anything on Trump used this procedure to address this Can you suppose I thought the news conference today my. Opinion was a bit curious because President Trump spent more time criticizing the Democrats and asking about the. Democratic server than he did in criticizing Russia and asking about. The GRU there are many theories in. The United States about why President Trump is so reluctant to criticize you. And I'd like to ask you. About a couple of them one is that you have something compromised The other is that. As a skilled politician and former KGB officer you know how to play him you use phrases like. Fake news and deep state and my question is do you. Find President Trump easy to deal with Took us I point on Why did we take talk about? Like polite people? Why should I this? Comes the surprise was it worth going all the way to Helsinki going through that you just insult one. Another and diplomatic it's not exactly the diplomatic standards. In the world There's no need to go and meet the, person if you just wanted to insult another person we met you to. Try to find a, way for improving our relationship not aggravating the door just turn, it completely ten, the second part of the answer is whether we have. Something on them we don't have anything on them? And they can? Be anything on them. I don't wanna insult President Trump when I say this and I may come up come as rude but. Before he announced that he will run for presidency She was of no. Interest for us on, Mogadishu she's a rich person but there's plenty of rich persons, in the United, States in the business she was in the construction business Organiz the beauty pageants no it. Would never occur to anyone that's You think of running for president he never mentioned his. Political, ambitions it sounds like it's another nonsense Mentioned this in the press conference Saint Petersburg economic forum was visited by five hundred businessmen hooping chimp. Pretty much every one of them. Is a major industrialists it I Greatest kale. Then prison Trump special services. Actually meeting organised surveillance and h never of them should be as well I like Hugh and like. The United, States we don't do this we don't have. Enough resources we don't have enough manpower to organize the total state of control That's not part of our plans down it's clear that. We did nothing of the kind against Trump. And as far as. Russian aggression is concerned Putin. Blamed NATO expansion and the examples abound take events in Yugoslavia Yugoslavia President Yeltsin tenure Completely. Against this conflict and the only legal way to use the force is through the sanction of the Security Council of. The, United Nations examples bone examples of events that you rated the status of our relationship Is. It, going to take the application of US legislation extra-territorially beyond its borders Well not us who made this you asked me about Crimea Ukraine We're not us who organized. A military coup and the country that we get a completely..

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