Star of India gem heist - October 29, 1940


The day was October twenty ninth nineteen sixty four the star of India a five hundred sixty three point thirty five CARAT SAPPHIRE was stolen from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City along with twenty three other valuable Jim the JP Morgan Hall of Gyms and Minerals at the museum was home to a collection of many notable gyms at the time Joel's the object of mini high after a heist movie called top coupet Jacqueline Murphy decided he could break into Morgan Hall at the American Museum of Natural History and commit his own heist Murphy also known as Murph the surf teamed up with Roger Clark Allendale coup to Steal Jim on the night of October Twenty Ninth Nineteen Sixty Four Clark drove up to the back of the museum with Kuhn and Murphy and a Cadillac Kuhnen Murphy Climb Defense ascended fire escape and used a rope to swing into a fourth floor window at the museum the windows were not connected to an alarm system and the museum has stop putting a guard in the gym room. The thieves used a glass cutter a squeegee they got from an employee's locker and duct tape to break into three display cases collect the gems they skipped over one display case that contained sapphires but they took plenty of expensive gems including the Star of India. the delong star Ruby the Shetler Emerald and the midnight star a one hundred and sixteen carat black sapphire the case the Sapphire was in was protected it by an alarm let the batteries were did the next day coon Murphy left New York on a flight to Miami with a nineteen year old named Janet Floor Cuevas as the thieves were on their way to Miami a museum guard discovered that the gyms had been stolen and called the police the stolen gems were valued at four hundred ten thousand dollars but none of them were insured since premiums were high in a press conference the Museum director pinned the bad security on budget it it only took two days for detectives to track the thieves down detectives got tips that led them to Cambridgehouse hotel where the thieves were staying in hosting parties in Their Hotel suite detectives found sneakers with glass in them photos of museums looks about precious stones and burglary tools one of the detectives stayed in the hotel suite overnight and when Clark returns the next morning he was arrested Murphy coon were soon arrested in Miami but the police did not I find the hidden gems the pair were extradited to New York facing charges first degree burglary and possession of burglary tools the public impress largely treated them like celebrities but law enforcement still needed to find the jam Assistant District Attorney Maurice Net Jari agreed to take roles into aquamarine but the delong star Ruby wasn't recovered until September of nineteen sixty five in nineteen sixty five Kuhn earthy and Clark pled guilty to burglary and grand larceny and we're all sentenced to three years at rikers island. New York's American Museum of Natural History a little more about history today than you do yesterday

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