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Legendary 'Chinatown' Producer Robert Evans Dies at 89


News that Hollywood producer Robert Evans died over the weekend at the age of eighty nine he was born here in New York City and became a child actor on radio and in the early years of television but that was just the beginning Robert Evans was the force behind such films as Chinatown love story and the godfather but he got his start in the women's clothing business he was a Los Angeles on business when actors Norma Shearer saw him and suggested to producers that he be cast as her late husband movie mogul Irving Thalberg in the film man of a thousand faces evinces acting career petered out but he found his success when he took over production of Paramount Pictures he was married seven times including two actresses Allie McGraw and Kathryn Luxembourg and former Miss America Phyllis George his nineteen ninety four memoir the kid stays in the picture was turned into a two thousand two documentary I'm arches are let

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