New fire breaks out in the hills north of Los Angeles


New fire burning in the hills north of Los Angeles famous Getty center has destroyed homes help is on the way from Washington state as fire crews and equipment from several agencies make their way south almost Carlene Johnson reports hundreds of fire crews from all over Washington state fire trucks and other equipment or traveling today to join the fight against several large fires across California Dave McDaniel with eastside fire and rescue says the call for help came Sunday along with the straight team leader there's five type three three types express truck so they're they're the specially equipped brush trucks usually four wheel drive that can go offroad now was the specific requests from from California they wanted brush units that can go offroad Benton county fire chief like clicks itself from the tri cities is also on the way today we ask for help and and we get help from all over the place to show this is an opportunity for us to pay back to our printer down to border to way to try to help them in a bad day firefighters from here could be deployed up to two weeks Carling Johnson comma

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