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Gargano, Shawn Michaels, Adam Cole discussed on The Corner



And I feel like they might be painting themselves into a corner. The fact that Gargano finally just gave into his inner he'll and just had to do the brain BUSTER on the concrete to get the win over ricochet. He turned the corner finally got his ten pounds of gold. I thoroughly enjoyed the match. Plus, we say this jumping over the terrible spot, which he always doesn't WG and people went bananas over. But I was like I've seen this thousand but but I loved it. Yeah. That that was that was the match of the night. Everything else was you're right. It was okay. Like black and she was not really good until like the final ten minutes. It was like limb work forever. Twenty six minute long. It doesn't picked up. I'd rather et better than it started. And I thought I didn't think Trump was going to retain I liked it. I like him Johnny standing on top of the ramp together teasing that. So that that'll be interesting to see where that goes. I will say this also this this is where I I a little curious because this halftime he event like this still gotta be friction with Gargano champ. This is an over. And the fact that the tag it makes it weird. And that's why I've kinda lost on all this because it's like, well, they they're still friction there. And it's just like if they're going to reunite for a tag team match. I need some things explained to me. I otherwise I need friction in this tag team match for halftime. He I can't just be a willy nilly just tagging with each other with Adam Cole. It's kind of weird. I feel like there's going to be friction a little bit between all came out to challenge. Chumphol before the faces came out. On the poll show. So like, it Costa was that made Bill like this friction between all Ness was great the heels even eight to us all I mean dream came out. He was the first one to challenge anybody then Cole came out, then, but it was but Jim was kind of up in Gargano face here. I mean, there's there's a lots on pack. And you know, this will such a loaded roster. There's only so many ways you can go. And they've carried this people think this feud is dragging out, but that visual of both of them holding the title at the end that was pretty other than that like war machine. Win the tactile whatever like Like, I I said. said like insurance made them look really good really strong. Yeah. Yeah. And I got AAA Jeff this show. I went backstage, which is interesting because I got to see a ball, Shawn Michaels. And that was crazy and could beautiful out. I'm already to like roll, my childhood, even more. So now, I'm good. It was like, you know, we're going backstage, and w w p r there's only like seven of us, and they like look don't leave your phones in your pocket, don't taking pictures, and you guys, you know, current great match that. So I see jumping show jumping somebody in like right next to him. And I'm looking I'm like, he's bald. Who who could that be Shawn Michaels? The Shawn Michaels job like going over the matching, you know, see like Drake young referee. He's he's telling a great badge. I seen Gargano and people are hugging him for winning the title. And I say ricocheted like it's just it's an interesting thing because it's the WW still the one thing that's still has a little bit of mystique about it. You go, and you can go into football locker rooms, you see the players go basketball locker rooms, but for w events with something, that's so physical, and you see those guys, you know, there's k Fe, and then there's you know, guys hanging out and figuring out what they can do or they go with video game bar and hanging out after Royal rumble. Like, I love the behind the curtains, and I love the come Roderick because these guys are on the road so much, but I backed takeover on join a great show, not the best. But it's better than a lot of shit that we saw..

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Gargano, Shawn Michaels, Adam Cole discussed on The Corner

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