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The show notes. The trial of nicholas okoh bartolomeu events at he is one of the most significant moments that the legal history of the united states in the twentieth century. The trial became a divisive issue in american and world politics. And what you thought of the guilt or innocence of sacco and vans had more to do with the political beliefs at the time. Then it did with the actual merits of the case before we get into the case itself. It's necessary to understand the climate in which the case took place in one thousand nine hundred nine. There was a series of anarchist bombings in the united states. In april three dozen bombs were sent via the postal system to various political and law enforcement officers across the country. The packages were designed to explode after being opened however they were mostly ineffective in june another series of bombings took place again targeting judges politicians and law enforcement officials. The bombings were organized by italian. Immigrant and anarchist luigi delaney delaney believed that murder and assassination were necessary to overthrow government institutions in june bombings. Each explosive device was delivered with a note which read quote war class war. And you were the first to wage it under the cover of the powerful institutions. You call order in the darkness your laws. There will have to be bloodshed. We will not dodge. There will have to be murder. We will kill because it is necessary. There'll be destruction. We will destroy to rid the world of your torrential institutions unquote. There was one person in particular who is the target of both bombing attempts won a mitchell palmer attorney general of the united states. He instituted what became known as the palmer raids which were targeted at anarchists and communists most of whom were italian or eastern european immigrants. Luigi delaney's organization. What's considered at the top of the government's list of dangerous enemies. Soko and vince eddie. Both known anarchists and followers of delaney. The crime itself took place on april fifteenth..

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