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Coning 10 House Republicans book their party and voted yesterday to impeach President Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection. One explains his vote. This is one of those Moments where the politics of the moment is completely overshadowed by the gravity of history that's gonna look down on. I'm David. First it's morning edition from NPR and W N. Y. C. We'll talk with central New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski about his vote to impeach again. Black officers around the country. You're speaking out about the riot at the U. S Capitol last week, and Thrasher the magazine for Skateboarders by skateboarders turns 40. We can fit 40 candles on a skateboard shaped cake, right? It's Thursday, January 14th. The news is next. Lie from NPR news on Corvo Coleman. Now that the House of Representatives has impeached President Trump the article of impeachment is waiting to be transmitted to the Senate. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. The case is not expected to be tried in that chamber until after President elect Joe Biden is sworn into office. 10. Republicans voted with House Democrats to charge President Trump with incitement of an insurrection for his role in last week's violent attack on the Capitol building. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who was one of them tells NPR that there's a significant chance that the Senate will vote to convict the president in the Senate. I think after the insurrection, only six or seven senators voted to object. The election is still at 130 in Congress. Politics infect the house a lot more said. You know, I think there's going to be people regretting their no vote. As more information comes out. The next step in the process is transmitting The article of impeachment to the Senate, then preparation for a trial. Winter Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington House Democrats are instituting new security measures and fines relating to the use of masks and metal detectors following last week's attack on the U. S. Capitol. NPR's Susan Davis has more. At least three Democrats have tested positive for Corona virus and sheltering in place last week during the attack with Republicans who refused to wear masks. Democrats are instituting a new find system for lawmakers who refused to wear masks on the House floor, $500 for the first defense and $2500 for the second. Democrats have also put up metal detectors outside the House chamber. Several Republicans objected and refused to use them. Speaker Nancy Pelosi then announced the House will vote on a new role that would find lawmakers who refused to comply $5000 for the first defense and $10,000 for the second and he finds will be docked from a lawmaker's paycheck. Susan Davis NPR NEWS Washington President elect Joe Biden will speak tonight about his economic rescue legislative package. He says his proposal would pay for covert 19 vaccinations and provide immediate and direct relief to working families and communities in the pandemic. Biden says the reason coronavirus relief package passed by Congress is just a down payment and that he intends to pursue further relief measures after he is sworn into office. A team of World Health Organization scientists has arrived in the Chinese city of Wuhan. They're currently in quarantine, NPR's Emily Fang reports They'll spend about two weeks in Wuhan investigating the origins of the Corona virus. 10 person team arrived in Wuhan Thursday morning China time They will do 14 Days Quarantine before setting out to do their investigations around the city and conjunction the Chinese scientists. Some members of the W H O team had already been en route to China last week, but were turned back after not receiving visas on time. China said it was because negotiations over the team's itinerary had not finished NPR's Emily Fang reporting This is NPR. And they says W When my C in New York four minutes after seven o'clock Good morning. I'm David first. Mostly cloudy today with the higher 47 this afternoon. It's 39 degrees now in Central Park. City public advocate Jimani Williams is calling on Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to unify the chaotic computer system that has made it challenging for people to sign up to get vaccinated. Williams says. Since the state dramatically expanded the number of people eligible for shots earlier this week, there have been widespread reports of system crashes. We have to make sure that people who need it the most are getting it and not missing out because they can't pass the technology test of being put forth on every level of government. Currently, people age 65 older are eligible to be vaccinated, along with several categories of essential workers and people with underlying health conditions. City and state leaders acknowledge the problem and say they're working on it. Another four million New Jerseyans will be eligible to receive the covert vaccine starting today. W N. Y sees Carinae reports Anyone 65 years or older or between the ages of 16 and 64 with medical conditions can now be vaccinated. But the list of what qualifies as a chronic health condition is broad and includes people with cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Also eligible the state's two million smokers. Health Commissioner Judy Person, Kelly says vaccination sites won't be asking for any proof of illness. No documentation. Of the medical condition or your age will be required, particularly says those eligible must make an appointment. She says. People who are pregnant or immuno compromised, consign up but should check with their doctors. Andrew Yang is officially running for mayor of New York. The tech entrepreneur and former presidential candidate officially launched his campaign last night with a video directed by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, Ape. Video highlights the years Yang spent as a young adult in Morningside Heights, his New York sports fandom and the family that he and his wife are raising in the city. Will reopen intelligently to revive our incredible culture. Maybe we can even save the Knicks..

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