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Has just the ticket for you in a highlight of twenty nineteen iconic director Quentin Tarantino visited our studios to speak with Jason Bentley about the music in his latest film once upon a time in Hollywood and now we have the Tarantino takeover sweepstakes assembled by the director himself all films on Blu ray and DVD all sound tracks on vinyl a signed once upon a time in Hollywood poster and passes to the fabulously restored new Beverly theater support KCRW by tomorrow night for your chance to win it all I got to do is go to case your W. dot com slash join all the roadways this morning it has been rough is put it put it lightly the Comcast is closed due to weather the grapevine closed due to weather as well and in the Santa Clarita area there's another whether closure this is spunky canyon road in San Francisquito canyon road those are closed on the ninety one west the six oh five transition there's been causing an issue all morning long that's in the Serena's area give yourself some extra time for out that way and also on the sixty west of the six oh five we see an issue there involving a semi I got into an accident support for NPR comes from heather Sternhagen and Paul G. Hagen supporting African wildlife foundation working to ensure the future of Africa's wildlife and wild lands learn more at a W. F. dot org and they can do to fund supporting individual dignity and sustainable communities through investment in transformed of leaders and ideas learn more at indeed a fund dot org the forty five at KCRW it's morning edition from NPR news I'm David green and I'm not well king good morning the state department has recalled the US ambassador to Zambia after Zambia's president asked for him to be withdrawn ambassador Daniel foot is a career foreign service officer and last month he criticized a court ruling that sentenced to Zambian meant to fifteen years in jail for having sexual relationship that started a fight between him and Zambian officials and peer East Africa correspondent Interpol to is following this from Nairobi hater well his name is not a place that we hear a lot from or about what's it like there this is we're talking about southern Africa and it's a country that's a little bigger than Texas and the reason we don't hear a lot about it is because there is little drama functional democracy since the nineties there have been peaceful transfers of power but things are changing the country isn't doing great economically because the price of copper which is Ambia has a ton of has dropped in activists say that this particular government is tending more authoritarian this episode with the American ambassador they say is an example of that so what are the messenger foot do that made the government so angry at so as you said it started last month with this court ruling where they sentenced to mend to fifteen years in prison for having sex with each other the ambassador said he was horrified in the Zambian government basically told him to mind his own business and ambassador Daniel foot then unloaded he released a diplomatic statement that that I have seen you know few as pointed as this one was and he said that the US had saved more than one million lives in Zambia with just it's HIV programs and then he went on to accuse the government of being hypocritical of outright stealing millions of dollars intended to go to important welfare programs he said that while the corrupt officials doing that don't even get a slap on the wrist two men having sex get fifteen years in jail and then he said everyone should just stop pretending that the U. S. in Zambia have cordial relations he wrote and I'm quoting now the current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant with open pocketbooks and closed mouths well that's really interesting so this was about way way more than just a homophobic court ruling yeah for sure in intimate president Edgar Lungu was seething mad and he essentially declared the ambassador persona non grata in the U. S. had to pull him out of the country today I spoke to form but Chama he's an activist and musician who has faced the wrath of this government last year he was thrown in jail for song that criticized the president and just a few days ago he was arrested and charged with holding an unlawful assembly I asked him what it says about Zambia that Sam that someone with this much leverage as the American ambassador can be forced out in this way and he tells me that this is much bigger than the United States let's listen I think we as a people of Los the buses good for you what about that the food was doing was giving a voice to so many of us that are scared to see what he said so what this means he says is that Zambia up just lost a powerful voice at what he says is an urgent moment for our country moving in the wrong direction where does this leave the US and Sammy and how do we send a new ambassador yes so you know both sides of still have significant interests are the US sends half a billion with a B. dollars a year in aid to Zambia up so I think what we can expect is that a new ambassador will be named and both sides are just gonna have to live with each other and here's a Gator Peralta in Nairobi eight a thanks so much thank you know well this is NPR news and this is morning edition on KCRW KCRW sponsors include fox searchlight presenting Jo Jo rabbit nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for best ensemble seven critics choice awards including Best Picture and the golden globe for Best Picture of the year awards eligible in all categories support comes from Boca presenting with pleasure pattern and decoration in American art nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty five the first scholarly survey of this American art movement the exhibition examines the movements embrace of forms traditionally coded as feminine domestic or craft based and thought to be inferior to fine art the decorative sensibilities.

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