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This is WTO P. Today's top news traffic and weather, the WTO producers desk. His wired by IBW local 26, where electrical contractors come to grow. Good morning and Bruce Allen. And I'm Joan Jones, teddy gellman is our producer and the top story we're following today's the first court appearance for former loudoun county superintendent Scott ziegler and school system spokesman Wayne bayard. They were indicted by the special grand jury looking into that school system's handling of two sexual assaults by the same student. And now the family of one of those students is speaking out. In the months after the first assault at stone bridge high school, the family of the second victim agrees with the conclusion of the special grand jury that the second assault could have and should have been prevented. The lawyer for the family says multiple red flags were raised and ignored before the girl was pulled into an empty room at broad run high school and sexually assaulted. The family says in the 14 months since then, nobody from the school board LCPs administration or the girls high school has reached out to apologize, offers support or even see how she's doing. Neil Logan stains. Montgomery county public schools is preparing to launch a mobile app called MCP student strong. The app will give students the ability to report incidents of bullying, harassment, and intimidation to the office of student welfare and compliance by filing a form within the app. Chris Kramer, who heads MCP as his department of communications, says the app was actually designed by students. It's very near, ready to be published. We met with the students who are now graduates from Blair high school and often in college. But they designed this. We didn't do that. We helped them with the editorial content The new app comes just months after a county wide antiracist system audit found reports of race based bullying and discrimination throughout the school system. The

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