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A police against O. J. Simpson in connection with the brutal slaying of his ex wife, Nicole and 25 Year old rocket ship. You must acquit jury find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder. Dear Mr Simpson. Hello, It's me. Kim Ron Goldman's sister. I'm sure it's really weird to be getting a letter for me. But for years I've listened to what everybody else has to say about you Lawyers, the media but never from you. I'm wondering if you would sit down and talk to me. I just want to understand whatever can be understood. That's a letter that I wrote. To the man I believe brutally killed. My brother E was declined to this interview. But I still feel that need. Hi, Daddy. Do you remember when I wrote the letter to the killer asking to see him? I'm going to try to do that again, um through to try to do it again. Actually, you can tell my excitement is the same as last time it's hard to hear is concern in his voice looking. It's Another 76 public's pharmacies in the state will start to distribute the Corona virus vaccine. This week, Governor Ronnie Sandison, the town of Jupiter and announced all 67 public's pharmacies in Palm Beach County will be offering the vaccine not only one of our biggest counties, but you have 25% of this county is 65 older, he says. Seven public stores and neighboring Martin County and two and Monroe will also have the vaccine available for seniors age of 65 older. Each pharmacy will be able to do up to 125 inoculations a day. Reservations will be taken starting tomorrow, with the first shots being given out on Thursday. I'm Joel Malkin. The statewide coronavirus positivity rate is 8.97% 9816 you covert 19 infections were reported Tuesday with 162 recent resident deaths, saying You can't police the society if you don't first police yourself, pull County Sheriff Grady Judd. Has charged one of these deputies with a second degree felony of making threats related to the mealy at the Capitol building January 6th during a text conversation with another deputy, Peter had named said, Shoot the feds. I'll kill them all. But the First Amendment allows us to rant and rave. It does not allow us to issue a written threat. Judge says there's no evidence Indian plan to go to Washington or that he had any affiliation with militia groups had been serving as a deputy for 6.5 years a bill to collect online Sales taxes is moving forward in the state, Senate and Tallahassee. The proposal would force companies to collect taxes from online purchases in Florida than pay it to the state. A right whale and her calf have been spotted swimming near Melbourne Beach. The whales were seen surrounded by a pod of dolphins, a right whale and her calf responded recently off the coast of Daytona Beach Shores. There's no confirmation from Boyle monitoring groups that it could be the same pair with Florida's news. I'm.

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