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Ophthalmologist. See store for details from the K L I. F Soda. Wait, Last news desk. This is real news and information. 5 70 K l I f If you're having a good afternoon, right now we have cloudy skies. A cool 27 degrees of 5 70 Callahan Find Chad Dixon Governor, Abbott is hopeful that more covert 19 restrictions could be lifted soon. Governor Rabbit says Texas recorded its lowest hospitalization rate in two months this weekend, its smallest positivity rate since November. All the numbers are moving in the right direction. He assures Texans the urgency to reopen the state is still there. There are businesses that need to get back to work. There are employees that have bills to pay. The governor wants to allow more time to let number settle. But with vaccinations ramping up, he hopes to lift restrictions sooner than later. Clayton Nevil K. L i. F News In other news Officials confirm at least six people died and 65 were treated at hospitals. After that massive crash on 35 W and four worth yesterday morning, Fort Worth officials worked together to get people out of their cars treated and to shelter from the cold weather. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price says with more icy weather forecast it it's best to stay off the roads. And to stay safe, so your prayers and we will find a thing for you to help. There's a cold weekend ahead of us a terribly cold Monday coming and I would ask that you be very much aware of your neighbors. Price says crews will continue to treat roads with Brian. Hat. But Zire, WB AP News Let's get a look at your money here. Spencer McGowan with network radio. Yes, that's not working news and information. Time was four or five. Let's go look a right now. Traffic Here's Bo Jackson. In southeast Dallas on I 20 East, but it Lancaster Road and an accident blocks the right lane. That's keeping it slow from South Pole in Irving.

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