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Better way to solve two thousand nine hundred in the company of Steve Nicol and Craig Shirley? Tomorrow looking back also. The spurs. I want to return to a story that we didn't really talk about too much because there's been so much going on. But in case you missed it during films Montague hottest incredible exchange between Camara and his teammates ofter film were awarded a penalty. Kamara in the end Oviously would take the penalty always inevitably then be saved Stevie. This is extraordinary behavior from professional athletes. Really? I've never understood, you know, Mitch as designated found tak- unless the manager says he's no unless he's injured or some of the some of the problem, then he takes the penalties. And I'm actually shocked that none of the other players. We're angry with them. And and we'll go get in the ball off them. I don't know you talk about team plays. Yeah. That's not a team player right near can damned is behavior. Absolutely. Right. And so so he should neary. I will though Mitch who did score enough Fulham. So can limited the the average of the penalty. I thought his post game press conferences were absolutely fantastic. In the way that he offered an excuse to Kamara almost understanding why he was as adamant as he was to well-played Mitch on on that as well as shocking scenes on the page. Even more said the abuse now that Camara has gone on social media. Yeah. And it's something we discussing more and more on the show these day. It's racially charged abuse on that always seems to be the go to especially on platforms such as Twitter on on all sorts of media in natural. I will see from the top though, I think the way that Fulham handle this and what we've heard from them as a club has been obsolete. Fantastic needed you need clubs to take a very strong approach of this Andro that definite line in the sand. And we've seen that from Fulham so played to them as well here. But I think there's a bigger issue here a bigger conversation to be had between people feeling that they anonymous on social media. So therefore are free to do as they please. Also, a little bit reluctance isn't the right to but between the social media platforms on their management and ownership groups being slow to respond to this such abuse on on on social media. And also the police SUV asus. Authorities who themselves have been slow if not reluctant to take action. I don't use it..

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