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High? There were two trucks full of cops and prisoners that drove from Barker Ranch the NGO County Jail that night. Charlie was in the same truckers per cell. The Ranger who had found him in the cabinet. Charlie started talking to per cell like they were old buddies, or at least brothers and a fraternity of white men. Charlie was like, You know, the black user abroad to rose up against Wiedemann wars going to come. The Blacks are good win. And they're gonna come out for you my friend because you're a cop. Your White. The smart thing to do brother would be for y'all. Let us go and run for your own Dan lives per cell did not let Manson and his family go. Instead he books Charlie in the rest of the kids on charges of Grand Theft. Auto. Charlie signed his name as Manson Charles M AKG Jesus Christ. God. Twenty-seven family members were now in custody 28 if you candid Bobby Beausoleil. But none of the law enforcement agencies involved yet understood that the Charlie Manson arrested with his followers in the desert was the same Charlie Manson with whom the suspected killer of Gary Henman had claimed to be associated. These dots were finally connected. Thanks to kitty loosing her who had popped out of the bushes and begged to be protected for Manson. And was now happy to cooperate with law enforcement. Even if it meant that her baby daddy Bobby would be convicted for murder. Brought in for questioning Kitti told the police everything she had heard about the Henman murder including this story that Susan had told her about stabbing a guy in the legs. Henman had been stabbed in the chest, not the legs, but this was enough for the county police who are investigating bobbies case to bring Susan who is in custody with the rest of the rated family out in independence out to LA for questioning in the Henman case. Susan's compulsion. To brag trumped her loyalty to Charlie, although in her version of the story, It was bobby who nearly sliced Henman's ERA off and Charlie wasn't at all involved. The police out in death valley had trouble getting the Grand Theft Auto charges to stack, And most of the family members rounded up in the raid were eventually released. But they managed to keep Charlie in jail on an arson charge and slowly the different investigators on the different murders started making connections, kitty had told the cops that Susan had told her that she had stabbed a guy in the legs, the detectives on the Henman case Like everyone had heard about the Tate crime scene And they knew one of the men killed. There had been stabbed repeatedly in the legs. They contacted the detectives on the tape case who took down kitties phone number and didn't call her. But then Suzanne, who is being held in connection to the Henman murder was transferred to the Civil brand Institute, a ladies jail in downtown LA Suzanne's jail. Roommate's were two women named Virginia, Graham and Ronnie Howard both prostitutes who had been coincidentally married to the same man. The three women got to chatting with each other. Swapping stories, Susan told Virginia that the cops were stupid. They believe that she had just held Henman still while Bobby stabbed him. When in fact, Susan claimed she had done the stabbing. She also told Virginia about Charlie and Holter sculpture and the bottomless pit server Jinya thought Susan was just making shut up. But Susan just kept talking. She told Virginia There was another murder case one on Ben Dick Canyon and the cops were totally off base on that one. Virginia was like, wait a minute. Do you mean the Sharon? Eight murder and Susan was like he now who dead at We are looking at her Susan told Virginia that Manson had planned the murders because he wanted to shock the world, and that they chose that house because Manson had been there when Terry Melchor lived there. Susan described to Virginia the deaths of full jer and see bring and Frank house-key. And then there was taped Susan bragged that she had finished off Tate herself. Sharon Tate had begged for her life, But as Susan told Virginia at sick of lesson in her. So I stabbed her Susan told Virginia, she remembered tasting Tait's blood. It was one arm and sticky and nice. She topped Irani two she told Ronnie about how Charlie had a list of celebrities that he wanted to kill that Sharon Tate was the first, but that Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra were next. She told Ronnie that she got a sexual thrill from stabbing Tate. Especially when you see that blood spurting out, Susan said, it's better than a climax.

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