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On your mobile phone on the bloomberg anywhere karen chris kirkum thank you watching shares of bank of america one point one percent after it reported equity trading revenue increased thirty eight percent of one and a half billion dollars beating analysts estimates futures higher sp futures up fifteen points dow futures up one hundred forty one nasdaq futures up thirty nine and that's a bloomberg business flash tom and john turns so much the secrets of excellence for steven cook of the council on foreign relations who's gone from ruling but not govering to is widely blamed the struggle for egypt to the new book false dawn protest democracy in violence in the new middle east stephen and want you to speak to our audience coast to coast this morning about the fact that damascus has five hundred miles from baghdad in twenty three hundred miles from kabul is damascus our next front for the troops in america well we have two thousand troops already in syria albeit not anywhere close to damascus it seems highly unlikely that anybody would contemplate marching army into damascus to engage in reaching change after our experience in iraq beginning in two thousand and three so no but syria has become an important pivot for american interests in the middle east and even europe i look at the images forget about the horrific images of chemical warfare of the destruction of city a city be city city d do you just assume that one day damascus will look like those other cities i think that's unlikely it's true that the syrian regime along with the russians and the iranians have devastated major syrian cities in this fight video of the eastern sections of aleppo for example look like aroma after the atomic bombing but damascus is the center of the assad regime and it will be protected at all costs which is precisely why the regime has used chemical weapons and huge amounts of conventional force against these rebellious outskirts and suburbs of the city stephen there was some concern about a risk of course risk of isolation paying you have strikes on syria the might be an accident you manda hitting the russians by accident how much conversations were that between that team.

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