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Have to protect not only new Yorkers but everything that we believe in this city a place where everyone can live in peace and decency and mutual respect this individual attempted to destroy that it is only by the grace of god tell her okay actions of those inside the building that took him into custody there we are not talking about police officers murdered inside in New York City police precinct now the suspects grandmother telling the New York Post the man had been depressed since his only child died after being shot on the street in the Bronx on the stump senator Bernie Sanders campaign plastic up plans ask for what they call a partial re canvas of Iowa a campaign aide confirming the plans Sunday night ahead of a deadline today for candidates to ask the Iowa Democratic Party to do so the re canvas is not a recount it's a check of the vote to ensure the results were added correctly now the state party released updated results Sunday showing judge leading Sanders by two state delegate equivalents meanwhile president trump's offering of four point eight trillion dollar election year budget that recycles previously rejected cuts to domestic programs that to promise a balanced budget in fifteen years all while boosting the military in leaving social security and Medicare on touched the president's fiscal twenty twenty one planned to be released mid day today promises the deficit will crest above a trillion dollars only for the current budget year before steadily decreasing the more manageable levels now the plan does not have a chance because well Democrats have already cut turned down most of the proposals that cuts that food stamps farm subsidies medicated student loans it couldn't pass when Republicans controlled Congress we'll see what happens now of the year twenty twenty Oscar ceremony kicking off Sunday evening with a lively comedic intro by Steve Martin Chris rock they targeted everything from the Iowa caucuses to Amazon is CEO Jeff Bezos a couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the Oscars were they accidentally read out the wrong name and it was nobody's fault but they are not a guarantee that this will not happen this year because the academy a switch to the new Iowa caucus after.

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