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What you saw from this Dutch team, especially in the build up to their two goals in the first half is. And almost I felt like using the athleticism that we talked about with this U.S. midfield against them. You bring them in in a rush, and then you're out the other side, and it's easy. It's very easy. It's very easy for Frankie to young and when you see a player that quality that caliber. It looks like he didn't do a lot, but he was so influential when he did have the ball. And the way he orchestrated in the way he got players going, you spoke about Denzel dumfries. Sergino dest had an opportunity to play with the Netherlands, okay? Yeah. This is one of the better players of the U.S. men's national team. He had one of the better tournaments in this World Cup. Sergino desk is not playing over dumfries. Pascal told us he probably doesn't even get in there 26 man squad. And dumb face was probably the best player on the field today. And you can see it when you talk about the talent level and look, we're very proud of these players, you know, from a Concacaf level, concave perspective of how they did this tournament. The way they reacted from that second half against Wales, the total performance versus a very good English team. A very emotional game in Iran and how they handled that. It's a very young team and you should be very proud of how they handled those moments, but you can see the evident gap in talent when it comes to the players. Sergio desk one of the better players isn't an a Denzel dumfries level, not right now. But it's even more evident when you look at Louis van gaal. And that resume, that CV. And his actual tactical game plan today and how he just swallowed whole. Greg ber holder. So we criticized Tata martino with Mexico against Argentina for not being aggressive enough. I actually thought the U.S. set up in the first half was very aggressive. There were times at the back where they left it two on two and there was just tons of space. But isn't that kind of dying as you lived? Is there not some phrase? It's been naive. Listen, they were buried in sight. Had the players, look, I just want to throw a static. What do we do? We break it down. All right, okay. All right. What I'm trying to tell you is, I don't believe Greg berhalter put his attacking players in a bad spot in the first half. I think he put them in good spots. I did he put him in a terrible position. The attacking players. Yes, because you have sergino dest and Anthony Robinson who did not have a good game and had a very heavy foot. He's had a heavy foot on him all turned him and even more so this tournament. I gave him a ton of credit for playing on one ankle, basically. That's what he's been doing playing on one leg. But when you ask those two players to come in as interiors and what I mean by interiors and people should realize is you're asking them to carry the ball from a wide position inside and play make as 8. And what happens there is Eunice Musa in western McKinney will have to evacuate that space. And they will go wide and sometimes it looks like they're the right back or the left back or they're a winger, so to speak and it's Timothy waya coming inside. And it's a lot of fluid movement. That is all good. That is great when you have the ball. And it looks very good. It looks very nice, but you know what happens if you lose the ball. The harder that central midfield, you know where they are. Next to the touchline. And you know what Tyler Adams is? On an island. One V two. And all of a sudden Tyler Adams has to worry about one V two. Frankie young and the run. And then he's got to go try to track back Memphis the pie. And when he can't get there, guess what Memphis has? A free chance on goal. So what I'm trying to tell you, it was very naive. It was always going to be a game of picture chances. You have to be very proud of how they played in certain matches in this tournament. But definitely, listen, goals change games. Christian Pulisic scores that goal. It's a different game. Motion is different. Not only for the U.S. man's national, but for the Netherlands and it can be a different game. But you have to be smarter than that. I think that's where I'm disappointed with Greg brahl during this U.S. mesa. The stat I was going to throw out at you at the first half before we move on to the game changing moment. 93 touches for the United States in the Dutch final third, just 29 for Netherlands in the American final third, but to the point about quality, it's what you do with those touches. The Dutch were clinical throughout the Americans obviously, we're not. Let's get to the game changing moment because it is the goal that in the end puts Netherlands

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