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The warnings from a yuan mosca hawking and others do not seem to occur much weight in beijing uh china is pushing ahead as fast as it can with its hopes for a artificial intelligence dominance a r i was one of the areas that xi jinping mentioned than his three and a half hour of speech to the party congress several weeks ago which inaugurated the xi jinping aid xi jinping thought was a part of the chinese constitution and a is central and if there are concerns about the dangers the day i closed china does not seem to be focused on them the a issue is linked to the subject of my novel the quantum swipe has a quantum computers like like a are just super powerful instruments that have a complicated uh potential dangers why is china's so focused on a are you got musk and and hawking saying this is a threat to humanity china racy to embrace embrace embrace y military planners increasingly think that a uh the ability to use machine learning as it's called is in addition to being if the future of a lot of commercial technologies technologies also the future of warfare that the ability to have autonomous systems that operate with elaborate ai uh uh features that that's that's where warfare as headed at the through the rest of our lifetime so short picture a two one of these ai systems of david ignatius sir tom ash brooklyn that system can go find us and and neutralise us in at that that her alert all just pretty pretty darn pretty darn close so there are a lot of people who feel that this is an area that needs careful thought it means new rules of the road but th there's there's no question that the military uses of quantum computing as a tool of shredding encryption making the web completely vulnerable to to to use a i in terms of creating he's a thomas weapons were about sadly to walk.

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