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Background in the computer is playing bingo four you along with everybody else in the casino they're claiming that is bingo it's not i don't think it is either but that's what is happening in some federal judge or some federal bureaucrats said yeah it's it's it's the same thing it's the same thing in their mind is that little card game this is a bingo across adopt that's how they got to a slot machine that is supposedly playing bingo in the background in some technical term there is no little low person in the back pulling out pulling out a pingpong balls if that was happening in every body was playing on a machine i would see it as being go that's not happening now you know more than you wanted to know michael welcome to the program thank you for listening hello i enjoy the program i had a question low going out in florida the uh lottery app demolished standing a little already has raised they don't have any tax so grocery ugh is that correct i don't believe here's the reason florida does have some the taxes we have because it did julia in people with technical term go down there and spend money on vacation date they pay for their state all tourist dollars so um that you i don't know if that's directly wa do they have some taxes i do know that their property tax is pretty brutal so yeah maybe you're not painted on groceries but you you make it up own property taxes so is one of those but in an in alabama you're talking about a lottery raising i'm going to gas and omona inflated from back when don siegelman two hundred million in a in a state that the education budgets like six or seven billion so you know is not small change but it is not going to change the world that's for sure so laura act they will have anything to do with your tax law groceries without without a yeah i don't think so in in don't forget michael even taxes own groceries i'm telling you every time you make more and more people not pay anything in taxes they are much more likely to vote to raise taxes because they're not paying them so we got to be careful what we do they go somewhere else right will appreciate.

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