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She said I haven't kissed another man since then. With the most that too. So now, she gets the set on the first day of the eighteen days shoe with a thirty one year old director and somebody she'd never met before you and the first day they asked for the the big kissing scene. Kirsch shooting in front of her house. I'm dropping her off when she told me she'd never kissed a guy over them. Very nervous fun. It was a beautiful little. It was Blyth was this wonderful to work with the sweetest of women across pes- with maybe in. Brett was totally up to you know, he just got it out of everybody. He knew what he wanted us. One of those guys just knows what he wants knows when he gets it. And again good enough to get into premiere at the two thousand fifteen Sundance film festival. So you've got grandmother you've got a see you in my dreams there and the hat trick. Joe swan ver- sticking for fire all at the same festival. Are you sort of looking around saying how did I wind up at the in the situation? In course, quite a moment. No, we're gonna moment said three movies. It was cool. But timing's everything I guess and means a strange thing and relationships because then the next big hit is the hero where you're back two years later. I think with bread. When we went when we did, I'll shoot them my dreams. I don't think blow was keen on doing the marketing into the game. As I recall, and I ended up traveling with Brett a lot Britain. I'd you know, we'd knew each other. But we didn't know each other as well as we came to know each of which been a good month on the road and traveling at a lot of meals together shirt, let a plane rides together had a few drinks together. And just got to know each other. And he and Mark Basch is writing partner road, this grip. The first time when I gotta look at it was called iceberg. And it was a downing. How close it was to me in some ways. Well, we should some ways not not like me because I'm like, I'm divorced and Catherine's plan. My ex wife, and and just to give people who have very solid relationship with Cleo whose my daughter. The one that I was Christian Ritter. Right. His his widow railing. Yeah. Basically, it's an aging movie star facing a terminal illness and trying to get one last great role. Settle his relationships. Great. All right. So as we basically come to the main attraction here, you're after that, I think doing some some TV series work. You're back with lily Tomlin and grace and Franky then you're doing another show for Netflix the ranch. How do you first hear about what would ultimately become? I think the fourth or fifth version of stars mourn. And did it strike you as anything particularly special when you did? I'm sure her about through agents as probably like a lot of people thought really another team. They're going to do another one. I've not seen. Oh, Bradley's work at that point and seen a few his films. Always thought cheese Christmans goes good videos in the a lot of silly shit there too. And I always wonder about that I've come to really appreciate the in all those actors that do that stuff because I think it's take something that I don't have been distinct some special thing pull that up and make it entertaining. I had just seen twice. I watched it twice American sniper. Which killed me. Because I I have that military bone in my body like a head that cowboy bone, muddy and Bradley was brilliant. When it opportunity came to meet with them in. Certainly you kidding me. With badly Cooper talking about direct his first movie. Right. And we had this back and forth where we couldn't get together. And finally did get together and went to his home when?.

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