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Pouring water on a fire at a churches chicken on eight mile and Shafer on the west side. Wayne County prosecutor indicating that Albert weathers of Sterling Heights shot and killed Kelly stall of Detroit because staff was a transgender woman. Staunton body was found on a street last Friday, weather's is jailed governor Snyder tells a year end news event in Lansing that he will sign at least one lame duck Bill legislation to create a tunnel authority to oversee the digging of a tunnel under the straits of mackinac to replace and contain the Enbridge line five oil pipeline, some people in eastern, Tennessee and other parts of the south got a wakeup jolt early this morning. Here's reporter Scott Carr reports say the four point four magnitude quake could be felt as far away as downtown Atlanta. A second earthquake with a magnitude three point three was reported in the same area less than fifteen minutes later. The US geological service reports the quake struck about seven miles. Away from Decatur Georgia. That's about one hundred fifty miles north of Atlanta at about four thirteen AM eastern time. It was a shallow quake they say at a depth of about six miles below the earth surface. The quake was also felt in parts of eastern Kentucky the Carolinas in Alabama. There are no reports of damages or injuries. I'm Scott Carr. Police officials have identified the French gunman who killed three people and wounded a dozen Strasbourg France as twenty nine year old Sharif Sharieff Chakaki was on a terror watch list. He's a career criminal, but he was free. Correspondent Melissa bell is in Strasbourg where the shooting took place. We understand is that this gunman came through this street into the Christmas market and that his rampage lasted for some time before he was chased away. We also understand that a two different points, there were confrontations with either the military or the police and not the man was wounded before managing. It's believed that Chicago was wounded by the police police are at the apart. Where that man is live searching for clues the investigation for murder and attempted murder. But that's not a new thing for Chicago. His criminal record has two dozen various cases of convictions and charges the battle over a border wall could cause parts of the government to pause at least for a time. President Trump says that he will hold some government funding unless five million dollars is approved for a wall. Here's correspondent John Laurence. President Trump says the US needs a wall to prevent people from coming into the US illegally. We have to have border security. We have to have a walk as part of border security on Tuesday. He warned top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. He won't back down. If.

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